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Minoru Uemura, editor-in-chief of the music magazine “HARD BOP!! MAGAZINE”, values the power of action to start when you have an idea.



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On December 7th, Minoru Uemura, the editor-in-chief of “HARD BOP!! MAGAZINE”, will appear, introduced by Retro Pop Girl Lisa.We asked him about how he got hooked on Harleys, their appeal, and why he started the magazine.

Riding a 90-year-old Harley for 30 years

Celeina (MC): Mr. Uemura was the third editor-in-chief of the Harley-Davidson magazine “VIBES MAGAZINE” before launching the rock magazine “HARD BOP!! MAGAZINE”. What kind of content is included in “HARD BOP!! MAGAZINE”?

Uemura: Mainly photos and interviews.

Celeina: I’m looking at the magazine right now, and it looks like it’s all about rock.

Uemura:The theme of the magazine is “RIDE, SHOUT, ROCK&ROLL” next to the title.

Celeina: This “RIDE” is, of course, from Harley?

Uemura: Yes, it is. I was brought up by “VIBES MAGAZINE,” a motorcycle magazine, so it is an extension of that.

Takano (MC): What kind of magazine was the original “VIBES MAGAZINE”?

Uemura: It will be a lifestyle magazine that introduces bikers who are Harley riders, what kind of life they lead, what kind of work they do, what their family and hobbies are like, and what kind of custom Harley they ride.

Celeina: I see. It is a magazine for bikers, made by bikers.

Uemura: Exactly.

Celeina: Of course I had seen Harleys before, but I didn’t know anything about them, so I had never even approached one. I’m interested in them because they look so cool when I see them.

Uemura: Now that you mention it, let’s go get your driver’s license tomorrow and buy one right away (haha).

Celeina: When did you first become interested in Harleys, Mr. Uemura?

Uemura: When I moved to Tokyo to find a job, I felt that the traffic jams were so bad that I could not foresee when I would arrive at my destination. I didn’t want to be dependent on the last train, so I decided to use a bicycle or a motorcycle rather than a train. As for bikes, I thought Harleys were still cool, so I became interested in them.

Celeina: You didn’t go for the sports type, but went for a Harley right away?

Uemura: It was Harley right away.

Takano: How many Harleys have you ridden so far?

Uemura: Only two.

Takano: What is the one you are riding now?

Uemura: I have been riding a Harley for almost 30 years, which was built in 1937, about 90 years ago. It is normal for a Harley to run for a long time, and it is a very good boy. That is one of the reasons why I recommend Harleys.

Takano: I have an image that they are hard to take care of.

Uemura: To some extent, I do it myself, but it’s not too difficult. The store is well organized, so after-sales care is also very good.



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