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Minoru Uemura, editor-in-chief of the music magazine “HARD BOP!! MAGAZINE”, values the power of action to start when you have an idea.



I started the magazine because I wanted to rock and roll

Celeina: Is there anything in particular that stands out in your mind while creating the magazine?

Uemura: Rather than a particular interview, I sincerely feel that the people I interviewed have been rock ‘n’ roll for a long time in some way, even if they don’t make a living from music. This is connected to what I said earlier about the Harley, but I thought that if you want to play the guitar, you should play it right away, and if you want to sing, you should write lyrics and put them on the chord.

Takano: It is important to take action immediately. Mr. Uemura, what was it like when you launched “HARD BOP!! MAGAZINE”?

Uemura: It was like something that had been building up had erupted. I had only had input for a long time, and while I was looking for output, I decided that I wanted to do rock and roll, even though I had only done Harley magazines up until then.

Takano: Mr. Uemura, have you always been a musician?

Uemura: No. After starting “HARD BOP!! MAGAZINE”, I started a band called THE HARD BOPS. Because “VIBES MAGAZINE” was a magazine made by people who rode Harleys. I felt that starting the “HARD BOP!! MAGAZINE” and not being on stage was not convincing enough. So I started doing it, and it was fun.

Takano: You had never played guitar before?

Uemura: I had hardly ever played. I still do it with feeling.

Takano: That is a great story. It gave me the courage to take a step forward.

Celeina: It is important to take action. Even if you have an idea to move forward, it is sometimes difficult to make it happen. Let’s do it!

Takano: Let’s do it! Let’s get a big license and buy a Harley!

Celeina: Wait a minute. I’ll take it home with me (haha). Today we welcomed Minoru Uemura, editor-in-chief of “HARD BOP!! MAGAZINE”. Thank you very much.


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