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Contributors who create NiEW together.

Yukako Yajima


Editor and music writer. After working for a major entertainment agency managing artists and developing newcomers, deputy editor-in-chief of the culture web media "CINRA.NET," and managing TikTok (Bytedance Inc.), she became independent. She has been involved in writing, interviewing, content production, and branding to communicate the essence and personality of artists and creators to a wide audience, utilizing his experience as a manager and his editorial perspective in the web, print, video, and audio media. Recent media includes NiEW, Rolling Stone Japan, ROCKIN'ON JAPAN, Natalie, RealSound, and Forbes. She is a regular contributor to "APPLE VINEGAR -Music+TALK-," a podcast program hosted by Masafumi Goto (ASIAN KING-FU GENERATION) (distributed every Wednesday). She has over 380,000 followers on her couple x cooking SNS account, "Family omotenai🐒monkichi." On March 30, she published a book, "Cheap ingredients but so delicious it brings tears to your eyes" (KADOKAWA), which was ranked No. 1 on Amazon (in the "Cooking Basics" category).

Fumihisa Miyata


Born in 1985 in Kanagawa Prefecture. Freelance editor. After working for Bungeishunju Co. D. (Integrated Social Culture). In addition to editing and composing for magazines, web media, and books, including as editor of Kaitaro Tsuno's "Proposal for Editing," he also works as an interviewer, interviewing Pon Joon-ho, Haruomi Hosono, Tarr Béla, Ryuichi Sakamoto, and others.

Kana Tarumi


Portrait photography for various media, artist photos for musicians, live performances, and jackets. and jackets for musicians.

Tsuya chan

Contributed to music, literary, and fashion magazines. She is the co-founder of "Cosmetics Begins to Speak", an activity to think about alternative ways of beauty in 2022.

Mitsutaka Nagira


Born in 1979. Music critic, supervising the mook series "Jazz The New Chapter" (Shinko-Music), which compiles jazz since the 21st century. Co-author of "Listening to 100 Years of Jazz" (Shinko- Music, 2017), a collection of trilogies with Masahiro Goto and Koji Murai, and "10 Viewpoints on Pop Music" (Artes Publishing, 2020), edited by Toshiyuki Owada.

Cosmo Yamaguchi


Born in 1986.
Graduated from Tokyo Polytechnic University, Faculty of Arts, Department of Photography in 2010. After working as a company employee and an assistant, he started his freelance career. He has been shooting not only in Japan but also in Taiwan, Korea, and other countries. Fashion and portrait photography, In recent years, he has also been shooting video, such as music videos.

HP :
Instagram : @cosmoyamaguchi

Tomonori Shiba


Born in Kanagawa Prefecture in 1976. Music journalist. After graduating from Kyoto University's Faculty of Integrated Human Studies, he worked for Rocking On before going independent. He is active in a wide range of activities, including interviews and writing in the fields of culture and business, with a focus on music, as well as regular appearances on TV and radio. He is the author of "Heisei no hit songs" (Shincho-shinsho), "The collapse of hits" (Kodansha Gendai Shinsho), "Why did Hatsune Miku change the world? (Ota Publishing), and co-author of "Vocaloid Song Guide: 100 Masterpieces" (Seikaisha Shinsho) and "Shibuya Music Zukan" (Ota Publishing).
Blog "Daily Tones and Words”
note :

Yuji Shibasaki


Born in Saitama, Japan in 1983. Music director and critic, involved in promotion and production in the record industry since 2006, and A&R for many artists. He is the author of "Music Goes On: The Latest Music Life Thoughts" (Music Magazine, 2021) and editor of "What is City Pop" (Kawade Shobo Shinsha, 2022).


Kei Kawaura


Born in 1988, Leo is an editor and writer. Her favorite yokai is Kappa.

Tsuyoshi Kizu


Writer. He writes about movies, music, and gay culture for various media. He is the author of "New Dad: Atarashii jidai no atarashii ossan" (New Dad: Atarashii jidai no atarashii ossan) (Chikuma Shobo).


All genres from portraits to travel. Loves plants.
instagram: @shinybamboo

Mori Naoto


Film critic, born in Wakayama in 1971. Author of "Cinema Garage: Children in Ruins" (Film Art-sha), editor of "21st Century/Cinema X" (Film Art-sha), "Zero Nendai + no Eiga" (Kawade Shobo Shinsha), and others. He writes regularly for Shukan Bunshun, Asahi Shimbun, Numero TOKYO, Kinema Junpo, Cinema Today, and other publications. He is the MC of the YouTube channel "Katsuben Cinema Club.



NiEW recommends alternative music🆕

“NiEW Best Music” is a playlist that introduces artists who respond to the subtleties of the times and present new options.

The music recommended by the NiEW editorial staff, regardless of fame, genre, or national borders, is updated as needed.