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Philosophical Contrast and Dance. Yasutake Shimaji and ROY Kan talk about their new work “Ai no te”

Fumihisa Miyata 2023.10.3|16:50
NEWS #STAGE 2023.10.7

SPAC’s Fall to Spring Season 2023-2024 Features Junnosuke Tada as Director of “Izu no Odoriko”

NiEW 2023.9.26|16:38
NEWS #STAGE 2023.10.5

Fumiya Uehara and LITTLE RED BOY to present their works, a joint project of Hate to Cheek

NiEW 2023.9.26|11:49
NEWS #STAGE 2023.9.27

A story about people who don’t work hard, Aru☆Company Lab’s stage production of “POPPY!!!”will be performed again

NiEW 2023.9.21|15:00

The Global Debut of “IDEA”: a conversational play starring two androids at the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa

NiEW 2023.9.20|10:57
NEWS #STAGE 2023.9.20

“CARRY IN PROJECT” by performance group Akumanoshirushi to be held in Marunouchi on September 20

NiEW 2023.9.13|15:50
NEWS #STAGE 2023.11.9

A “unpolished” romantic comedy set in Odawara in winter, Karugamo Danchi’s performance “Shizuru, Shiramumade Ike”.

NiEW 2023.9.12|13:49
NEWS #STAGE 2023.11.10

Gekidan5454’s new work “Kessho” with the theme of “childbirth” will be performed at Akasaka RED/THEATER in November.

NiEW 2023.9.11|16:46
NEWS #STAGE 2023.10.7

Theater unit ♯Q’s “Self-Cover vol. 1,” in which Masuke Kubo directs himself from a script he wrote for an outside performance, will be performed in October, and a special Christmas performance is scheduled for December.

NiEW 2023.9.8|18:26

Director Pierre Audi’s Opera “Simon Boccanegra” to perform at New National Theatre, Tokyo

NiEW 2023.9.7|18:25
NEWS #STAGE 2023.12.2

Kaki Kuu Kyaku to perform “Hone wa Darasu ni Umetekure” and “Nikushokujuu” in succession at The Suzunari in December.

NiEW 2023.9.7|17:06
NEWS #STAGE 2023.10.13

Busstrio’s live performance piece “One. Montage” recreated version to be performed in October

NiEW 2023.9.5|12:43



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