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Minoru Uemura, editor-in-chief of the music magazine “HARD BOP!! MAGAZINE”, values the power of action to start when you have an idea.



Traveling with Harleys in America and Europe

Takano: So you leave it to them? It’s fascinating that one Harley can be a partner that stays with you for your whole life, isn’t it? By the way, Mr. Uemura, we heard that you also ride Harleys overseas.

Uemura: In August, there is an event in a town called Sturgis in South Dakoda, USA, where bikers from all over the world gather. We are immersed in motorcycles from morning to night for a week, so it is a great opportunity for Harley lovers.

Celeina: When you go abroad, do you transport your own Harley to ride?

Uemura: A friend of mine keeps it for me, so I borrow it. In the U.S., I ride from Kentucky to South Dakoda, which takes about a week.

Celeina: So you own your own Harley in the U.S. as well?

Uemura: It is company-owned.

Celeina:That’s amazing. I heard that you traveled not only in the U.S. but also in Europe on your Harley.

Uemura:I became good friends with a German guy through our interviews, and he lends me his Harley. This is something that doesn’t happen very often, so we continue to do this every year.

Takano: Where do you travel in Europe?

Uemura: We start in Germany, where our base is located, and go as far as we can. We have also been to Russia, Greece, and Spain, and we have traveled quite a distance.

Takano: Do you have any memorable trips?

Uemura: There are many, but I strongly remember going to Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, and St. Petersburg in Russia when we drove through Eastern Europe. It was a great trip because the people were so kind and caring. Then the Russian invasion started, which was a shock.

Celeina: You actually went there and interacted with the local people.



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