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Formed in 2004. The three members are Shohei Takagi, Yu Arauchi, and Tsubasa Hashimoto, who have released four albums. Each of the three composes, arranges, and produces their own music, and they also conduct live performances and music production with supporting members. The band is a Tokyo band that combines musical pleasure and storytelling skill, and their future releases and live performances are always in the spotlight.

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The fin.


In April 2012, the four-piece band started full-fledged activities in Takarazuka City, Hyogo Prefecture, with Yuto Uchino and Kaoru Nakazawa as the core members, They feel loneliness, loneliness, joy, and sadness in foreign pop music such as Metronomy, Tame Impala, Washed Out, and Friendly Fires, which they can relate to as Japanese people. They are active both in Japan and overseas, using the Internet and other media to communicate their music to the world with a sense of synchronicity.

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Yurina Kaneko


Born in Tokyo in 1995. Graduated from the School of Film and New Media, Ritsumeikan University. A member of Ritsumeikan University's film club, she has produced many music videos and films. Her independent film "Strolling Plants" (2019) was selected for an award film at the 41st Pia Film Festival. Her feature film "Sleeping Insects" won the Grand Prix at Muzik Lab 2019. Her latest film, " People Who Talk to Plushies Are Kind " will be released on April 14, 2023.



Formed "Macaroni Empitsu" in 2012. He is the main songwriter, vocalist, and guitarist in the band. With her emotional voice, catchy melodies, and unique lyrics, she is popular among people of all ages and has sung theme songs for numerous commercials, movies, and TV dramas. He won the Best New Artist Award at the "Japan Record Awards," and the following year he won the Best Picture Award for the second year in a row! In addition to his band activities, he has participated as a narrator in NHK's program "Words of the Great Archived by NHK" and published his first lyrics collection "Kotoba no Tane" (Seeds of Words), which has become a topic of conversation.



A Tokyo-based theater group that has been active since 2007. The group looks at the boundaries between reality and storytelling, and questions their location by moving back and forth between them. The creation of stories about life and death, sensation and language, collective society, family, etc., starts with the subject of interest each time, and aims further afield to access universal "questions. With its unique direction that combines elements such as text, photographs, color, light, and shadow projected on the stage with actors, and a strong script that shakes the audience's sense of ethics, the company has performed and co-produced many productions in Asian countries and North America. Winner of the Bangkok Theatre Festival 2014 Best Screenplay Award and Best Production Award for "Juvenile X". He won the 66th Kishida Kunio Drama Award for "Banana Flowers Can Be Eaten".
Official website:
Official Twitter: @HANCHU_JAPAN
Official Instagram: hanchuyuei



1991年より大人計画に参加。脚本家として2001年映画『GO』で「第25回日本アカデミー賞最優秀脚本賞」他多数の脚本賞を受賞。以降もテレビドラマ『あまちゃん』『いだてん〜東京オリムピック噺〜』など話題作の脚本を手掛ける。2005年『真夜中の弥次さん喜多さん』で長編映画監督デビュー。俳優としても数々の作品に出演する。待機作に、映画『こんにちは、母さん』(出演 / 9月1日公開)、映画『ゆとりですがなにか インターナショナル』(脚本 / 10月13日公開)などがある。

Mikio Sakabe


Born in 1976, MIKIO SAKABE is a fashion designer and designer. In 2007-08, his eponymous fashion brand MIKIO SAKABE debuted at the Paris Collections for the fall/winter season in a presentation format, and in 2019, he established a brand specializing in footwear, GROUNDS. In 2019, he founded grounds, a brand specializing in footwear.



A post-trip hop band formed in 2018, led by Vo. tami. Despite the band format, their sound is based on electronic tracks via bass music and hip-hop with sampling and analog synths, creating alternative music with a perfect sense of balance. After forming, the band released their first album "flower vases" in 2018. in 2019, they will embark on a 20-show U.S. tour. In 2019, they toured the U.S. for 20 shows, and in 2020, they released their second album "future excercise". The band's studio "Hidden Place" in Sakai Temple, Osaka, Japan, is where they have been working since the release of their second album. In 2021, the band released two singles, "Lights" and "Pure PscychoGirl". In February 2022, they released their first EP "Floating Girls" in limited stores and digitally, and in September, they re-released it as a nationally distributed version with a DVD including live footage. From November to January of the following year, "Eyes on Me," "Kick Off," and "My Innocence" were released digitally for three consecutive months, garnering attention. On February 22, 2023, they released their third album, "Fight for Innocence".

Lexie Liu

Born in Changsha, Hunan Province in 1998. Active in China and the U.S. In 2015, she participated in the fifth season of the South Korean audition show "K-pop Star" In 2017, she performed at "South by Southwest" (SXSW). She is known as the first Chinese artist to perform at SXSW.She released her EP "2030" in 2019.She was nominated for Best Female Singer at the 2023 "Golden Music Awards".



Kazumasa Tanaka (Vo/Gt), Hirotake Nishikawa (Gt), Toru Kamei (Dr)
The band started its activities in Osaka in 1993. The band was named after Marvin Gaye's "I heard it through the grapevine. Moved to Tokyo and made their debut in September 1997 with the mini-album "Kakusei" from Pony Canyon. In 2014, he moved to Speedster Records, where he has consistently released five full-length albums. Their 2021 album "New Fruits," which includes the songs "Gifted," "Nezumi Jodo," and "Awake Mashi wa Itsumo Narimasenai," debuted at No. 8 on the Oricon Weekly Ranking. The current lineup is Kazumasa Tanaka (Vo/Gt), Hirotake Nishikawa (Gt), Toru Kamei (Dr), Isao Takano (Key), and Satoru Kindo (Ba). 3 years after the release of their first new album on September 27, the band will launch a nationwide tour "GRAPEVINE TOUR2023" in October.



Born in 1999 in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan. Her inclusive voice and songwriting that is both dainty and sharp are appealing. 2021 saw the release of an EP with Syotanegi (WANG GUNG BAND, ex.Valley Boys), the CD release of her 1st AL “Sail wind", the EP "The Day I Played with the Momoiro Pelican", a cassette co-written with vocalist Meow from Nekosen, and a single. On March 16, 2022 (Wed.), She released her 2nd album "Ducky" including "Low Airplane" (producer: Keiichi Sokabe), the theme song of the movie "Love Nonetheless" directed by Hideo Jojo & written by Rikiya Imaizumi, and produced by Keiichi Sokabe. After that, he invited Yusuke Kume (Special Favorite Music) as a producer and released "Natsu no Boku ni mo" and "Lemon Tree" for distribution, attracting attention, and on March 22 (Wed.), She released a new song "Like You Like It".


Summer Eye


Tomoyuki Natsume's solo name, debuted in 2009 as vocalist and guitarist of Siamese Cats. Through his exploration of Japanese rock and independent activities, the band was supported by many young people, but disbanded in 2020.
In December 2021, he made his solo debut under the name Summer Eye with the release of his first single “Jinsei".
In 2022, he released a split 7" with DSPS Amy from Taiwan and his second single “Kyukon" In February 2023, he released his third single “Shippai" and a remix of the same song by XTAL, which became a hot topic On March 21, he released his first album "Daikichi". The preceding track “Hakugei" was used as the theme song for a TV drama.
He is currently contributing to the fun of the world with his free and unconstrained expression through his lifework of collage production, songwriting, writing, DJing, and more.



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