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NEWS #MUSIC 2024.7.26

Fuji Rock Festival Streams Live on Amazon Prime Video and Twitch

NiEW 2024.7.12|10:48
NEWS #MUSIC 2024.11.2

Kyoto’s Borofesta 2024: First Wave Features Age Factory, ZAZEN BOYS, PEDRO and More

NiEW 2024.7.12|10:40
NEWS #MUSIC 2024.8.16

Summer Sonic and SonicMania Unveil Timetables, Featuring Midnight Stage Curated by Gen Hoshino”

NiEW 2024.7.11|13:42
NEWS #MUSIC 2024.9.28

Ringo Music Fes Adds 16 New Acts: Keiichi Sokabe, Tabito Nanao, Yurufuwa Gang, Roman Kakumei, and More

NiEW 2024.7.2|21:18
NEWS #MUSIC 2024.9.21

Yuki Chiba, AI, AKLO, SEEDA, and More to Performe “THE HOPE 2024” at Odaiba

NiEW 2024.6.24|23:44
NEWS #MUSIC 2024.8.31

Kyoto’s “Nanoboro” Festival Unveils Summer Whales and Odoru! Disco Machimachi in Second Wave

NiEW 2024.6.21|20:04
NEWS #MUSIC 2024.7.21

Odaiba’s Mezamashi Live Kicks Off Summer with Exciting First Performer Reveal: JO1, DISH//, IS:SUE, noa and More

NiEW 2024.6.21|17:32
NEWS #MUSIC 2024.8.10

DREAM CONCERT WORLD IN JAPAN 2024 Kicks Off with NewJeans, ONEW, KISS OF LIFE, NCT WISH, and More in First Lineup

NiEW 2024.6.19|22:20
NEWS #MUSIC 2024.10.13

Aichi’s “WIRED MUSIC FESTIVAL” Annoucnes NLE Choppa Awich, Yuki Chiba and More

NiEW 2024.6.14|16:21
NEWS #MUSIC 2024.10.12

QURULI Announces Kyoto Music Expo 2024 at Umekoji Park Over Two Days in October

NiEW 2024.6.13|18:44
NEWS #MUSIC 2024.7.6

Tachikawa’s ‘FESTIVAL FRUEZINHO’ Add Masakatsu Takagi as Final Artist

NiEW 2024.6.11|23:30
NEWS #MUSIC 2024.10.12

Second Lineup Announced for ‘TOKYO ISLAND’ Festival at a “Mysterious Unknown Location”

NiEW 2024.6.10|21:16



NiEW recommends alternative music🆕

NiEW Best Music is a playlist featuring artists leading the music scene and offering alternative styles in our rapidly evolving society. Hailing from Tokyo, the NiEW editorial team proudly curates outstanding music that transcends size, genre, and nationality.