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New Book Explores Louis Vuitton and Yayoi Kusama Collaboration with Diverse Insights

NiEW 2023.9.29|14:16

A Surge of Energy: The Pain and Joy of Giving Birth

Ban Obara 2023.9.27|14:22
NEWS #ART 2023.9.29

HIDDEN CHAMPION Honors 20th Anniversary with Group Exhibition

NiEW 2023.9.21|15:22
NEWS #BOOK 2023.10.7

Introducing the exchange between Mori Ogai and Natsume Soseki with the keyword “Sendagi” at the Mori Ogai Memorial Museum from October.

NiEW 2023.9.21|11:25

Toshio Suzuki and Mamoru Oshii’s debut book of dialogues arrives on December 15th

NiEW 2023.9.21|11:04
NEWS #MOVIE 2023.11.23

“Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045, the Last Human” hits theaters for a limited three-week run on November 23

NiEW 2023.9.20|10:53

Andrew Haigh unleashes ‘Strangers’: the adaptation of Taichi Yamada’s novel for Japan Spring 2024

NiEW 2023.9.15|18:15

What’s the difference between Tokyo and Osaka? Finding Joy in Each Place in July

Ban Obara 2023.9.13|15:52
NEWS #ART 2023.10.6

Ticket sales date set for “The Complete Works of Katsuhiro Otomo: AKIRA Celluloid Exhibition OSAKA”; key visual unveiled

NiEW 2023.9.12|16:57

The book, “These 100 CDs will help you understand the basics of 90’s J-POP!” will be published on September 20 (Wed.), featuring disc reviews and discussion columns on the albums that symbolize each year.

NiEW 2023.9.6|14:23

Trailer and poster visual for the movie “Shajiku” released, based on the novel of the same name by Kou Osano.

NiEW 2023.8.28|10:41
NEWS #ART 2023.8.11

Gegege no Kitaro Tribute Art Exhibition: “Kitaro Expo” to be held in Ikebukuro until August 27 (Sun.), featuring works by 72 artists including Hitoshi Katagiri

NiEW 2023.8.18|15:54



NiEW recommends alternative music🆕

“NiEW Best Music” is a playlist that introduces artists who respond to the subtleties of the times and present new options.

The music recommended by the NiEW editorial staff, regardless of fame, genre, or national borders, is updated as needed.