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Laid-Back Survival Tactics of a Culture Freelancer with Shinobu Kawai

Sho Sakai 2024.5.16|10:58
NEWS #MOVIE 2024.12.20

Kenichi Matsuyama and Shota Sometani to Star in Live-Action Adaptation of ‘Saint☆Young Men’

NiEW 2024.5.13|21:48

A Glowing Farewell: Closing Words from Our Diary Exchange

Miram 2024.5.9|14:26
NEWS #ART 2024.5.3

Martin Parr’s Fashion Photography Collection Showcased at Toranomon Hills Exhibition

NiEW 2024.5.1|15:06

Trailer Released for ‘Look Back’ Theatrical Anime, Based on Tatsuki Fujimoto’s Comic

NiEW 2024.4.18|13:19
NEWS #OTHER 2024.4.18

Grand Opening Celebration at Tokyu Plaza Harajuku’s HARAKADO, Featuring Utaha in Short Film Premiere

NiEW 2024.4.15|17:52

The latest novel by Ao Omae, depicting the lives of the main character, a pin comedian, and his rival for almost 20 years.

NiEW 2024.3.8|16:09
NEWS #BOOK 2024.3.8

‘TUNICA Magazine’ Brings Global Art Flavor to Harajuku with New York Exhibition

NiEW 2024.3.7|16:26
NEWS #MOVIE 2024.3.15

Limited Shibuya Screening for Studio Ghibli’s ‘Ocean Waves’

NiEW 2024.3.5|14:09

Revealing the Revelations of a ‘Miserable Monster’: Sori Sawada’s Exploration with 11 Books

Atsutake Kaneko 2024.2.29|11:42

Major Event Takes Center Stage Amidst the Album Release Aftermath

Miram 2024.2.29|11:33

‘All the Long Nights’ Premieres at the Berlin International Film Festival

NiEW 2024.2.27|11:21



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