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First day report of the new festival “EPOCHS” (EPOCHS) in Karuizawa. The location and staging are breathtaking!

Yukako Yajima 2023.10.3|16:13
NEWS #ART 2023.10.14

Hermes Foundation Presents “Ecology: Dialogue on Circulation” Exhibition in Ginza, Tokyo

NiEW 2023.10.2|22:39

New Book Explores Louis Vuitton and Yayoi Kusama Collaboration with Diverse Insights

NiEW 2023.9.29|14:16
NEWS #ART 2023.10.11

Yoshitaka Amano’s Exhibition “Blue” Debuts on October 11

NiEW 2023.9.29|12:46

Exploring Unusual Pairings: The Museum of Tobacco and Salt

Tomoyuki Natsume 2023.9.27|14:33
NEWS #STAGE 2023.10.5

Fumiya Uehara and LITTLE RED BOY to present their works, a joint project of Hate to Cheek

NiEW 2023.9.26|11:49
NEWS #MUSIC 2023.10.13

Timetable Revealed for J-WAVE INNOVATION WORLD FESTA 2023

NiEW 2023.9.25|21:50
NEWS #ART 2023.10.1

Takaido Art Festival: An Inclusive Celebration of Contemporary Art with Works by Apichatpong, Tomotoshi, and More

NiEW 2023.9.25|12:39
NEWS #ART 2023.9.29

HIDDEN CHAMPION Honors 20th Anniversary with Group Exhibition

NiEW 2023.9.21|15:22
NEWS #ART 2023.10.13

Okinawa-born Photographer Mao Ishikawa’s Solo Exhibition at Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery

NiEW 2023.9.21|12:27

Mikio Sakabe sheds light on the unique identity of ‘grounds’ footwear

Kanae Yamada 2023.9.20|17:24

Why editor Yasumasa Yonehara “edits” not only magazines but also brands and galleries

NiEW 2023.9.15|12:54



NiEW recommends alternative music🆕

“NiEW Best Music” is a playlist that introduces artists who respond to the subtleties of the times and present new options.

The music recommended by the NiEW editorial staff, regardless of fame, genre, or national borders, is updated as needed.