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This is the editorial board of NiEW, a culture company that works with artists, teams and organizations that present alternatives in all areas. The live event "exPoP!!!!!" with free admission is also held monthly!


NEWS #STAGE 2024.3.15

An “authentic horror” centered on an herbal medicine shop in a local town, Nihon no Radio play, “Hebi wo Umu”.

NiEW 2024.2.27|11:54

‘All the Long Nights’ Premieres at the Berlin International Film Festival

NiEW 2024.2.27|11:21

FLOATING MUSEUM: Opening in June on South Korea’s Anjado Island, Designed by Contemporary Artist Yukinori Yanagi

NiEW 2024.2.27|11:18
NEWS #STAGE 2024.3.5

The first main performance of the System Kojin, a mystery-comedy ensemble drama set in a town where a famous detective lives.

NiEW 2024.2.27|11:13

A lover of chronology, writer Panth has been documenting social and cultural events since elementary school.

NiEW 2024.2.26|18:47

Hosono House Cover Series Kicks Off with Mac DeMarco’s “Boku wa Chotto”

NiEW 2024.2.22|18:39
NEWS #ART 2024.2.17

“Absolute Chairs” Exhibition in Saitama Explores Chairs through Duchamp and Bacon

NiEW 2024.2.22|13:11

Ginza’s Hermès Foundation to Showcase Collective Exhibition Featuring Nicolas Floc’h, Yū Hora and More

NiEW 2024.2.22|12:59
NEWS #ART 2024.3.2

Itabashi Art Museum to Host Centenary Exhibition Exploring Japan’s Avant-Garde Journey

NiEW 2024.2.22|11:05

Summer Sonic 2024 Unveils First Lineup with Måneskin, BMTH, AURORA, and More

NiEW 2024.2.22|10:48
NEWS #ART 2024.3.9

Seppuku Pistols’s Iida to Host Shunga Exhibition at Meguro’s Gallery Tsukigime

NiEW 2024.2.22|10:39
NEWS #MUSIC 2024.5.24

MFS, Kroi, Ayano Kaneko and More Join Second Wave of Performers for Mori, Michi, Ichiba 2024

NiEW 2024.2.20|22:59



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