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What is CarService, which aims to be a catalyst for car culture?



A circle of friends connected by gut touch! The “FIST BUMP” corner of the radio program “GRAND MARQUEE” features people who live and enjoy Tokyo in a relay format.

On November 7, Mr. Tokio Ito of the car product label “CarService” will appear. We asked him about car culture, his car, and coffee stands he can go to by car.

“CarService” was created to promote car culture

Celeina (MC): Mr. Ito, your day job is a fashion advertising agency. Alongside that, you also work with your friends. Can you say that it is a hobby in a sense?

Ito: Yes, it is a hobby.

Celeina: So it is a hobby, and you are working on a car product label, CarService.

Ito: Originally, we are a group of car enthusiasts. I think it hasn’t been a hundred years since cars became common, but in the car scene, there are cars like bikers, cars like runners, audio cars, and many other genres. While such a culture has been created, there is talk that young people are turning away from cars, so CarService was started by a group of car enthusiasts with the idea of creating a catalyst for car culture.

Takano (MC): Is the stadium jacket you are wearing today an original CarService item?

Ito: Yes, it is. It is not for sale, but cars are like sports, and we make team jackets and T-shirts for everyone to wear. Sometimes we sell them.

Takano: The green jacket with the logo “CarService” on it looks really cool.

Ito: This is a sample design from an oil manufacturer, so if you like cars, you will say, “I see.

Takano: In addition to apparel, you are also involved in events, aren’t you?

Ito: My main job is an advertising agency, and I mainly organize fashion-related events and create visuals, but I also want to make use of my main job experience when I output CarService’s activities. I have actually held car meetings, invitation-only car shows, and so on. A car show, on the other hand, is an exhibition hall like a large warehouse at Makuhari Messe, where cars are displayed and various owners’ cars are shown, and where people can interact with each other. I love the “Initial D” series.



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