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Miram and Ban Obara's Exchange Diary, "With my chin resting by the window"

Winter to be overcome at any cost



from Miram #2

Hey there, evening.
It’s 1:00 a.m. and I can’t fall asleep for the first time in a while.
Maybe it’s because I just received the photos I took with you, and they’re all so good and exciting.
I can feel the softness of the two of them and the wind flowing beside them. I can’t choose just one. They are treasures.

I was trying to capture the feelings of you, who wrote in your diary, while I was taking pictures with your dazzling face.
There are people who can do it and people who can’t do it. I often think about it.
There are endless others like this,
There are people who can go home and people who can’t. There are people who can cry and people who can’t. There are those who can cry and those who can’t. I wonder what it is. But when I put them all together, they are so cute!

Yes, potatoes. Thin potatoes and thick potatoes.
I’m wondering why you wanted to ask me this. I think I like the thin ones. I’m looking for more oil than potato here. Hmmm. I also like them chunky, not squishy or crunchy. I wonder if this is of any help to anyone.

Recently, I’ve been doing a lot of things like photo shoots, recording, and a sing with a guitar tour, and as I mentioned last time, I got over this winter that I wanted to get over at any cost, so I suddenly cut my hair.
I had been growing out my hair for about a year and a half, and I made an appointment at a hair salon with the intention of just letting it grow out and getting it trimmed a bit, but when I went outside that day, the sun was shining and it felt so nice that my hair ends were damaged. I felt like I wanted to be a person who could fit in with the outside. I told the hairdresser how I felt, and she cut my hair very well.

Thanks to her, I now have a romantic short haircut. I wonder if I can do it again with a lighter head. I’m in great shape. I am blessed with people. But sometimes, I feel like everything is totally wrong. I know it’s just a repetition of the same thing day in and day out. Spring weather is especially flexible and strong, so beware! I guess.
It can be pretty when you put them together, and cruel when you compare them. It’s there. I can’t sleep, but I’m going to sleep.
I’m getting hungry. What should I eat to make me sleep? I just close my eyes, imagining it.

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