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Miram and Ban Obara's Exchange Diary, "With my chin resting by the window"

Winter to be overcome at any cost



from Ban Obara #2

I have been writing something since early summer last year. I had planned to finish it in about three months at the latest, but after summer, fall, and winter, the cherry blossoms are already in full bloom.

It is horrible. I still can’t get over the “winter I want to get over at any cost” as Miram-chan calls it, and I’m still thinking, thinking, writing, fixing, going crazy, dancing wildly, up, down, day after day. When I finish writing, I want to buy a bunch of tulips.
It’s hard to grow up, but it can’t be that easy, that’s true, but I want to do it, I want to do this all the time, I want to do better, more interesting things, I want to put all my passion into this, and the fact that I can think that way is a very dense thing in itself, a happiness.

When I can’t fall asleep well, I get hungry and there are many things I eat, but recently I’ve been addicted to MOW Earl Grey milk tea flavor. I really like the taste and eat it all the time. It’s a taste that suits me at night.
And the reason I asked about fries is because I was writing this exchange diary “while eating fries in the park”. I’m sorry I don’t have a very deep meaning.

Today, Miram’s new song “As You Like It” was released, and the music video is out. Congratulations! It’s a happy day. Miram’s song has the power to dazzle the fleetingness and sadness in its entirety, and I am always struck by the strength of believing in the light.
In the song “As You Like It” there is a lyric, “Even the love of coconut ice cream” which reminds me of something.
On the first summer day we played together, Miram took me to a Thai restaurant and said, “Everything here is delicious, but especially the coconut ice cream. I wonder if the song” you was talking about at that time was “Sukinayouni “.
We talked a lot, enjoyed the food, drank a lot of beer, laughed a lot, and then went to the second restaurant. We laughed a lot, and then went to the second restaurant. We forgot to eat the coconut ice cream, which we still have to this day. Let’s go back to that restaurant again someday.
The music video for “Sukinayouni” shows us flying something (shuriken …… ?) at the second izakaya, and us shooting sparklers at the third park, and us at the last photo shoot. I am so happy and ashamed.

「The spring rolls I had with Miram on the day I first played with her.」
Miram – “Sukinayouni ” (Official Music Video)
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