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Miram and Ban Obara's Exchange Diary, "With my chin resting by the window"

Winter to be overcome at any cost



from Ban Obara #1

Hello, Miram-chan.
This is Ban Obara just after the start of March.
It’s chilly at dusk if you go out without a jacket. At night, I walk home shivering, but a cup of hot coffee is all I need to keep me going. Spring is near, isn’t it?

The other day, We had a photo shoot for our exchange diary, and it was a beautiful day. It was not at all cold, even though I was walking around with only a shirt on.
I was entranced by how picturesque Miram-chan was as she posed softly and looked straight into the lens, and I wondered why some people are able to do this and others are not.
By “capable” I mean you, who can act freely in front of the camera. (I don’t know how you really felt about it, but that’s just the way I see it.)
By “those who can’t do it” I mean me, who becomes tense in front of the camera.
Of course there is a difference in familiarity and experience, but I felt that there was something different about me that could no longer be described only in that way, and as I looked up at the bright blue sky, I felt like “giving up” and it was not a backward-looking resignation, but a bright, refreshing, and peaceful feeling like the sea I happened to see from the car window. It was a bright and fresh kind of resignation, like the sea I happened to see from the car window.

I am aware that being overly conscious of myself is not good for being photographed.
But I am sure that someday, I would like to pose softly and smoothly, and look straight into the lens.
You looked so relaxed and comfortable in the spring light as you was being photographed.

Now, as to the question of whether spring makes me itchy or not, so far I have not been itching.But I feel itchy when I start to write “I’m not itchy”.

By the way, Miram, do you prefer thin fries? Do you prefer thick fries?

「Having said that,I like thick and thin equally.」
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