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#Mansaku Kashiwai


Editor-in-Chief, NiEW / President, NiEW Inc. / Director, CINRA, Inc.
Born in Tokyo in 1981. While working as an artist as a member/producer of the band "Mechanero", he was involved in the production of various artists' works as an engineer. In 2006, he founded CINRA, Inc. as a director, and manages the business as a manager and editor-in-chief of the online store, music label, and culture space "MADO" (Shibuya Hikarie), centering on the culture media "CINRA.NET". As an event producer, he is responsible for the free admission music event "exPoP!!!!! and culture festival "NEWTOWN", and music festival "CROSSING CARNIVAL". In July 2022, he established "NiEW Inc.", a culture company that works with artists, teams, and organizations that present alternatives in all fields, and newly established the artist business, media business, and event business. Established artist business, media business, and event business.



Philosophical Contrast and Dance. Yasutake Shimaji and ROY Kan talk about their new work “Ai no te”

Fumihisa Miyata 2023.10.3|16:50

First day report of the new festival “EPOCHS” (EPOCHS) in Karuizawa. The location and staging are breathtaking!

Yukako Yajima 2023.10.3|16:13

Kazumasa Tanaka × Isao Takano: The Aesthetics of GRAPEVINE’s Enduring Alternativity

Atsutake Kaneko 2023.9.28|14:29

A Surge of Energy: The Pain and Joy of Giving Birth

Ban Obara 2023.9.27|14:22

BRING MINYO BACK: unearthing the soul of Minyo music with Minyo Crusaders

Koichi Shima 2023.9.20|16:44

Non-stop applause at musician Hiroshi Sumikura’s 50th birthday show

Fumiaki Amano 2023.9.13|16:22

What’s the difference between Tokyo and Osaka? Finding Joy in Each Place in July

Ban Obara 2023.9.13|15:52

Hayao Miyazaki’s thoughts on “13 Unsullied Stones. Commentary on “How Do You Live?”

Koichi Shima 2023.9.13|15:49

ROMY on her solo debut album cemented by the club culture that saved her

Taro Yoda 2023.9.7|16:45

Introduction to the indie music scene in Thailand and Fukuoka and the unexpected effect of the massive redevelopments

Shogo Nomura 2023.8.10|20:03

What’s going on in the Bangkok live music venues and festivals?

Shogo Nomura 2023.8.10|16:17

A24’s “The Inspection” is a story about diversity based on real-life experiences

Koichi Shima 2023.8.10|15:58



NiEW recommends alternative music🆕

“NiEW Best Music” is a playlist that introduces artists who respond to the subtleties of the times and present new options.

The music recommended by the NiEW editorial staff, regardless of fame, genre, or national borders, is updated as needed.