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Miram and Ban Obara's Exchange Diary, "With my chin resting by the window"

Winter to be overcome at any cost



Miram and Ban Obara’s Exchange Diary, “With my chin resting by the window”

An exchange diary between a singer-songwriter “Miram” and a writer “Ban Obara” has started. It began in mid-February 2023. The season is gradually turning into spring, but Miram has “a winter that I want to overcome at any cost” and Obara has “something that I haven’t overcome yet”…….

from Miram #1

Hi, Ban-Chan, it’s Miram!

It’s mid-February, the month in which we start to see the word “spring” in various forms. People are waiting for spring, spring has come, and people are going to meet someone when spring comes. Some people write about it honestly on their Instagram. They also add pictures of their favorite things. I’m kind of itchy…spring, huh? I have a winter I want to overcome at all costs before spring. I think, “I have a winter to get over at any cost”.

Almost every day, I’m on some kind of schedule, and when I get tired in the upper part of my stomach, I fill it up with beer.

But yesterday, I went to see my favorite band. I think I had a sip of red wine before I left the house, which made my steps easy.

I have a lot of fun when I’m watching live music. It’s fun, it’s fun, it’s fun, and it makes you think seriously about all kinds of things and want to talk to all kinds of people. And yet, in reality, all of that melts away with a smile. Don’t melt. Don’t melt. I smile and smile and smile. By the time I get back home, there is nothing left to smile about, and by the time I take a bath, I realize that I have smiled too much today. People’s smiles are really wonderful, so I think it’s probably in poor taste to show my wonderful smile too much. What about the people I really want to show it to? Just as I was about to fall into the swamp of reflection, I remembered something. The first summer night when I played with you, we were sitting next to each other in the park and talking, and I was surprised to see your nose so high in the moonlight. I had known for a while that your nose was high, but your nose, the moon at the end of it, and your eyelashes were so beautiful, so beautiful, that I strongly thought to myself, “Ban-chan, you shouldn’t let anyone see that profile”.

From the swamp of reflection to the night of the moon, I am glad that I am able to put my words together so honestly now. I wonder if the evening might be getting itchy.

「I went to see the Hachimarizer. My favorite band.」
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