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A true FIST BUMPE!? Takara Nakano, a 20-year-old collector of old gadgets who lives in Reiwa era, loves the charm of the Showa era.



High collar YouTube is useful for inputting information about those days.

Celeina:Mr. Nakano, you didn’t actually live in those days. Is there anything you do to input information from that time?

Nakano:Of course I read manga and magazines from that time period. In addition, and this is quite high collar, but for my generation, YouTube was a big thing.

Celeina:You call YouTube “high collar”. (haha)

Nakano:It is quite high collar. After all, our predecessors have uploaded many valuable things on YouTube, so we watch them.

Takano: Your tone is very Showa (haha). Why don’t you do YouTube yourself, Mr. Nakano?

Nakano:I’m not doing it right now, so this would be a good opportunity for me to try it. It sounds fun.

Takano: It would also be interesting to introduce your own goods in a video.

Celeina:The whole GRAND MARQUEE team is looking forward to it.

Nakano: Thank you very much.

Celeina:Now, “FIST BUMP” is a circle of friends connected by Goo Touch, so we are asking you to introduce a friend of yours.

Nakano:Her name is Lisa, and if I had to describe her in one word, she is a retro-pop girl. She used to play drums in a band that until recently looked like the 1960s, and she is very pop, even more so than I am! Vivid! She’s like that.

Takano: High collar?

Nakano: That’s right. Not dark like me, but red, blue, and green. It’s not like a traffic light (haha). She knows more about Haruomi Hosono than I do.

Takano: Tomorrow, I’ll connect to Lisa, the retro-pop girl.

Celeina: “FIST BUMP” today we welcome Takara Nakano. Thank you very much.


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