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A true FIST BUMPE!? Takara Nakano, a 20-year-old collector of old gadgets who lives in Reiwa era, loves the charm of the Showa era.



A circle of friends connected by gootouchi! The “FIST BUMP” corner of the radio program “GRAND MARQUEE” features people who live and enjoy Tokyo in a relay format.

On December 5, Mr. Takara Nakano, a collector of old gadgets, appeared on the show, and we asked him about the appeal of Showa-era gadgets that he loves and how he became interested in them, which made MC Takano say, “A true FIST BUMPER!”

Ahead of its time? Gadget Collector, Takara Nakano’s Showa Collection

Celeina (MC): Following yesterday’s introduction from filmmaker Shussin Katsushika, we are pleased to welcome today’s guest, Takara Nakano, a collector of old gadgets. Please give him my best regards.

Takano (MC): Mr. Nakano, what is your age?

Nakano: I turned 20 this year.

Celeina: I can’t believe you are 20 years old because of your tone of voice.

Nakano: I couldn’t help but laugh when I heard on radiko today that Mr.Katsushika, who was on the show yesterday, called me a little shit.

Takano: Mr.Katsushika said that Mr. Nakano was “left behind by the times,” but we think he is about three times ahead of the times. I heard that you collect old gadgets.

Nakano:Yes, I do. I brought a lot of things to the studio today, including cassette tapes and Walkmans.

Celeina: It’s a Sony Walkman! What year was this made?

Nakano: It’s about 1986. I still use it and listen to music every day.

Takano: I also miss this cassette tape case. And you also brought a Sony boombox.

Nakano: Yes. This is also something I use on a daily basis.

Takano:You still use this?

Nakano:Yes. It sounds good and plays well. This is a product from the early 1980s. Sony had a brand called ZILBA’P , and this is the last model of that brand.

Takano: Is this boombox still in use today?

Nakano: Yes, it is. It’s still working very well.

Celeina: When you press the button, does it make a “clang” sound?

Nakano:Yes, it does.

Celeina: Can I try to hear it?

Nakano:Yes. If you press the right place, around here…

Takano: Oh, that’s good! It even has a little noise.

Nakano:That’s right. There’s a massive “clang” sound.

Takano: You also brought your bag, didn’t you?

Nakano:This bag is also from the early 1980s, and was used by skeebags in those days. It was originally a large bag, but it has been flattened and illustrated by a high school girl of the time. There are also pamphlets and underlays that were carried by the same person. From this pamphlet, I think it must be from the early 1980s.

Celeina:Do you like collecting not only gadgets but also things like this and antiques?

Nakano:Yes, I do. I have a lighter that is about 100 years old, made by a company called THORENS, which now uses turntables.

Celeina: It came out of your pocket.

Takano: It looks like a small silver Zippo lighter.

Nakano: It is a very pretty lighter.

Takano:By the way, where do you collect these things?

Nakano:Mainly through online auctions. Also, when I was in high school, there was an American vintage store in Osaka, so I sometimes received odd items there, such as school bags.



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