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A true FIST BUMPE!? Takara Nakano, a 20-year-old collector of old gadgets who lives in Reiwa era, loves the charm of the Showa era.



When I was in elementary school, “Moonlight Mask” was my favorite book. What manga do he recommend about the Showa era?

Celeina: This song has a very retro feel to it, but it is a recent song, right?

Nakano: Yes, it’s a song from 2018.

Celeina:Where did you come across it?

Nakano:My friend Sango Tsubaki, who plays drums in a band called “Rokuyobi,” played this song in the car when I went to Osaka, and I was hooked on what a great song it was.

Celeina: And every Tuesday, we have “ACG Tuesday,” where we delve into the anime, comics, and games of ACG. What kind of manga do you like?

Nakano:I am not that familiar with manga, but when I was in elementary school, I used to read the reprinted edition of “Moonlight Mask.

Takano: Wait a minute (haha). I’ll ask you one more time. How old are you now?

Nakano: I turned 20 this year.

Celeina: So you were born in 2003 (haha).

Takano: Nakano-san, do you also read manga with old gadgets?

Nakano:Yes, I do. I read a manga titled “HIGH POSITION” which uses the very name of a cassette tape, in which a 46-year-old man falls and hits his head and travels back in time to his body of 40 years ago, only with his memories, to redo his youth. It’s a manga with Sony Walkmans and conversations like, “VMW was the Corolla of Roppongi, wasn’t it?

Takano: So, Mr. Nakano, you read from the perspective of seeing and enjoying old gadgets?

Nakano:That’s a lot of it. I also see the whimsical Orange Road-style illustrations in them, and I think, “Oh, that’s interesting.

Takano: Isn’t that the way people who knew those days talked?

Nakano: No, I don’t know anything about it. (haha)



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