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A true FIST BUMPE!? Takara Nakano, a 20-year-old collector of old gadgets who lives in Reiwa era, loves the charm of the Showa era.



The true FIST BUMPER is here! How did you become interested in old gadgets?

Celeina:What are the roots of your love for old gadgets?

Nakano: About 10 years ago, when I was in the first grade of elementary school, it was the time when TV broadcasting switched from analog to digital. When my parents bought a new LCD TV, they had a leftover cathode-ray tube TV that they had originally used, so a cathode-ray tube TV came to my room, and I watched movies on it for a long time.

Takano: Then, did you fall in love with the charm of these retro things?

Nakano: Yes, I did. Cassette tapes were just like that.

Celeina:But you don’t watch a movie on a cathode-ray tube TV when you are in elementary school and say, “Cool, this is chic. Your sensibility is sharpened.

Takano: What do you do for a living, Mr. Nakano?

Nakano: I am currently a freelancer.

Takano: You have the atmosphere of running such a store.

Nakano:I have been selling boom boxes from time to time since I was in high school. I have even held a “boom box exhibition” in Osaka in June this year (2023).

Takano: Hey, Celeina. He is a true FIST BUMPER!

Celeina: A true FIST BUMPER! We met.

Takano: People like you, Mr. Nakano, are very welcome!

Nakano:Really, I’m so glad. It’s not easy to get invited to Katsushika-san’s house, because it’s like, “If you’re free, it’s fine.

Takano: By the way, how did you get to know Mr. Katsushika?

Nakano:I found out about “Take-Tombo” on Instagram, where Katsushika-san plays bass guitar as support, and went to their concert this year. We got to know each other there and have become good friends.

Takano: I hear that you listen to a variety of music.

Nakano: Not much, but I like old music.

Takano:Here is Mr. Nakano’s music selection. We asked Ms. Nakano to choose a song that she would like everyone to listen to together on the radio at this time. Please tell us the reason for your song selection.

Nakano:This is a song by an Israeli funk band called SABABA 5 & YURIKA. The vocalist is a dancer who has moved around Egypt, and they are a collaborative unit with the band SABABA 5, but they only have one single. The song is called “Crossroad of Love”.



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