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Winiche & Co.’s KATSU on the Emotional Memories Hidden in Collecting Things



I think that decay is art, and I love sneakers.

Takano: Well, I sent you “ETA” by NewJeans. It’s great. I heard that you and your daughter are listening to it together.

Celeina: I also received a message from a listener. “I used to collect a lot of sneakers, but they have all been hydrolyzed and shattered. What are the core collectors doing about it?” You mentioned earlier that some of them have been hydrolyzed.

KATSU: I believe that hydrolysis will definitely occur, so I have not taken any measures.

Takano: So, you are not going to fight against degradation over time?

KATSU: Yes. I love sneakers because I consider decay to be an art form.

Celeina: Deep.

Takano: You brought your sneakers to the studio today.

KATSU: They are the Nike Mag sneakers worn in “Back to the Future 2,” the model that made me fall in love with sneakers in the first place.

Takano: They are so cool. I remember these.

KATSU: You wore these shoes and rode on a flying board.

Takano: When I pressed the button, it lit up.

Celeina: It’s amazing how it glows.

Takano: It’s cool.

Celeina:Does it run on batteries?

KATSU: It is rechargeable.

Celeina: It’s rechargeable? Super high-tech. Are you going to wear these too, KATSU?

KATSU: I wore these when I dressed up as Marty McFly for Halloween.

Takano: They are great. I don’t think I’ll be able to wear them, though.

Celeina: Thank you for bringing these precious things.

Takano: I’d like to give you a picture or something later.

KATSU: Yes, I should have brought my hoverboard with me.

Celeina: You have it.

KATSU: It’s a repro, but it doesn’t float (haha).

Takano: If it floats, your technique is amazing.

Celeina: We’re going to start another interview (haha). As I mentioned at the beginning of this interview, socks are an item that you are interested in right now, and “Winiche & Co.” also sells “Slouch socks,” which were originally developed by you, right?

KATSU: That’s right.

Celeina:You have brought these socks to the studio, but what are the features of these socks?

KATSU: The toes are designed to have compression like sports socks.

Celeina:They are a bit tight around the toes.

KATSU: That’s right. But the ribbed part is knit very loosely, so there is no pressure at all.

Celeina:How did you come up with this design?

KATSU: Tube socks become synonymous with street socks, but then the more you wear them, the more the heel of the sock comes toward the toe in the sneaker.

Celeina:I know what you mean!

Takano: I totally understand.

KATSU: I started making these socks to solve that problem.

Celeina:This is a must buy.

Takano: Hey, I’ll buy them. I really think that this is a problem for all human beings. With these, they are long to begin with, and the instep here is also cushioned.

KATSU: It’s pressurized.

Takano: It fits securely and does not slip off.

Celeina: It means that you can enjoy fashion with this loose socks part while still having the functionality of not slipping off.

KATSU: That’s right. I’m also experimenting with coloring and colors to match with sneakers.

Takano: The function and design are both excellent. I will definitely buy these.

Celeina: We can find this on the official Winiche & Co. website.

KATSU: Yes, it is on sale to rave reviews.

Celeina: I hope listeners will check it out. We are asking you to introduce your friends to us through “FIST BUMP,” a circle of friends connected by the goo touch.

KATSU:This is photographer RK.

Celeina:What is your relationship with him?

KATSU: We were originally on the same running team, and I started asking him for work. Also, I was the one who told him to quit his job and become a professional, so I wanted to introduce him to the company at a time like this.

Takano: I gave him a turning point in his life.

Celeina: In a word, what kind of person are you?

KATSU: An idiot.

Celeina:No, no (haha).

KATSU: He is an idiot in a good way and a bad way. I would be very happy if you could hear what RK has to say tomorrow.

Takano: Tomorrow we will welcome photographer RK.

Celeina: “FIST BUMP”, today we welcome Mr. KATSU of the apparel brand “Winiche & Co.”, a professional collector of things. Thank you very much.


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