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Winiche & Co.’s KATSU on the Emotional Memories Hidden in Collecting Things



Preserving Memories in Tangible Form

Celeina:You mentioned that since you were in junior high school, you have liked to collect packages of snacks like the one you brought today. Do you collect as many packages as you do sneakers?

KATSU:Not so much, but I tend to bring back a lot of them as memories from my trips to America.

Celeina:Memories. When I heard that you collect empty candy boxes, it reminded me of my own childhood. I used to open candy canes with scissors, fold them up, and collect them all because I thought they were memories. Among them, the ones that left the biggest impression on me were the candies I bought at Disneyland. So when KATSU told me, I agreed that I was preserving my memories.

Takano: Do you sometimes look back at your collection and remember how you felt at that time?

KATSU: Yes, I do. The other day I happened to be looking for some materials, and when I opened a book from my trip to New York, I found a receipt for Supreme that I bought at that time, and I had a great memory of how much I paid for it.

Celeina:Receipts are nice.

Takano: Yes, they are engraved with the time and other information.

KATSU: Yes, the time and date are all engraved on the receipt, so it was very emo at that time.

Takano:It changes my sense of value a little. I’m the type of person who throws things away, but I’m starting to feel like I should keep something.

Celeina: It’s a balance. If you collect everything, there is no end to it. So, you should keep one thing, like your sneakers or an empty box of candies, or a bag of candy canes like me. It might be nice to keep some memories as something tangible that you can touch.

Takano: We would like to hear more, but I would like to ask KATSU to choose a song that we all would like to listen to at this time.

KATSU: “ETA” by NewJeans.

Celeina: Oh! Why is that?

KATSU: I also love movies, and movies like Larry Clark’s “Kids” and Sofia Coppola’s movies were part of the generation I grew up with, and I was just talking to my daughter about how I really feel that world when I watch NewJeans.

Celeina:I see. You mean you feel a sense of nostalgia?

KATSU:Yes, very much so. I don’t mean to sound like what you just said, but NewJeans is very emo.

Celeina:Great. Let’s listen to it together.



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