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Winiche & Co.’s KATSU on the Emotional Memories Hidden in Collecting Things



A circle of friends connected by goo touch! The “FIST BUMP” corner of the radio program “GRAND MARQUEE” features people who live and enjoy Tokyo in a relay format.

On September 11, KATSU of the fashion brand “Winiche & Co. This time, we not only talked about the socks originally developed by “Winiche & Co.” but also about why he collects empty candy boxes and spray cans as a professional collector of things, and about his sneaker collection, which now totals 1,000 pairs.

I can’t throw away candy packages and sneakers.

Celeina (MC): We start off the week with a person recommended by the program, Mr. KATSU of Winiche & Co., a professional collector of candy boxes, spray cans, and 1,000 pairs of sneakers. Please give him a warm welcome.

KATSU: Hello, I am KATSU of Winiche & Co. Pleased to meet you.

Takano (MC): An empty candy box is what you throw away after eating, right?

KATSU: That’s right. I love the graphics of cereal packages and American candy packages, so I started collecting them, and I can’t throw them away anymore.

Takano: Oreos, for example, are cute.

Celeina: You brought a lot of them.

KATSU: I have Oreos, and I have also been collecting frozen food packages recently.

Celeina: White Castle!

KATSU: Do you recognize it?

Celeina: Yes, I do. It is an American fast food restaurant, but this is a frozen food. They are famous for their little burgers called “slider” Now that tickles my half American fancy.

Takano: They are really colorful, and a little bit already the studio is becoming like a grocery store.

Celeina: Cinnamon Toast Crunch!

Takano: What is it?

Celeina: This is a cereal that is familiar in the United States.

KATSU: Isn’t it the number one flavor for kids?

Celeina: Yes, number one. So, let me start with a brief profile of Mr. KATSU, who has been interested in street culture since he was a teenager. After working in graphic design and marketing, he started his own apparel brand, “Winiche & Co.” in 2007. Currently, the brand focuses on “Slouch socks”.

Takano: Are most of your confectionery packages also foreign packages rather than Japanese ones?

KATSU:Yes. I started getting interested in them when I was in junior high school.

Celeina: So you were interested in the design of the boxes, not the contents of the sweets?

KATSU: Yes. I was always interested in design in particular, so I naturally started collecting such things.

Celeina:And you have a huge collection of sneakers, 1,000 pairs.

KATSU: No, I just can’t throw them away.

Takano: No, no.

Celeina: It’s already a store.

Takano: It’s totally a store. What is your house like?

KATSU: It’s more of a warehouse. We do everything there, including work and the store.

Takano: You have a store, but is collecting sneakers a hobby or your life’s work?

KATSU:Yes, my hobby is to enjoy wearing them rather than collecting them. I started playing basketball when I was in junior high school, and I couldn’t throw away my basketball shoes. That’s how it all started, and as my memories grew, I found myself in a situation where I couldn’t get rid of my sneakers.

Takano: But then, don’t you have a hard time deciding which pair of sneakers to wear every morning?

KATSU: I enjoy coloring them and coordinating them with fashion, which is the fun part of sneakers.

Celeina:What kind of sneakers are you wearing today?

KATSU:Today I’m wearing the Asics NIC model.

Celeina:They are very green, white, and silver, so they are fresh but autumnal.

Takano: The coloring is cool.

KATSU: Thank you very much.

Takano: I think it will be fun to continue the excitement of what to wear and which sneakers to match every day.



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