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Winiche & Co.’s KATSU on the Emotional Memories Hidden in Collecting Things



More than 300 pairs of Air Jordans alone, some of which are only 72 pairs in the world.

Celeina: I’ve heard that you are famous worldwide as a Jordan fanatic.

KATSU: Not so much worldwide.

Celeina: Three hundred pairs of Air Jordans alone.

KATSU: I think there are probably more than 300 pairs, but I have only counted up to that point, so I try to say 300 pairs.

Takano: You have so many that even you can’t keep track of them.

Celeina:By the way, I would like to ask you what is the rarest pair of Jordan sneakers you own.

KATSU: If I had to say the rarest pair, I would say the UNDEFEATED Jordan 4, which is a pair of Jordans that only exist in about 72 pairs.

Takano: You have one of the only 72 pairs of Jordans in the world.


Takano:Do you have it at home?

KATSU:Yes, I do. But it looks like it’s about to break, so in the eyes of the world, it’s trash (haha).

Celeina: So you are the type of person who wears those hard.

KATSU: I don’t wear those, but sneakers end up hydrolyzing.

Celeina: Oh no.

Takano: Sad.

KATSU: Yes, a sad end.

Celeina: If you leave them, they deteriorate little by little.

KATSU: That’s why I think collecting sneakers is like collecting trash.

Celeina: No, no.

Takano: They are treasures. I think it’s like the Jordan Museum, right? That kind of thing.

KATSU: There is a Jordan store called “World of Flight” that just opened in Harajuku, and some of my collection is displayed there.

Takano: Then we can go there.

KATSU: Yes, they have a few pairs of my rare items.

Takano: Let’s go check them out.

KATSU: Please go and see them along with Jordan.

Celeina: Since you like sneakers, do you look at the sneakers people are wearing when you walk around town?

KATSU:I look at them a lot. I’m the type of person who starts from the feet up.

Celeina: I’m getting a little nervous. Maybe I should hide my feet (haha).

Takano:My mother is a big decluttering freak. There is the usual exchange of “How many pairs of sneakers do you have?”

KATSU:There used to be a lot of opposition, but I guess people have given up on that.

Takano:So you have come this far.

KATSU: Yes. I think they feel that no matter what they say, it’s not going to work.

Takano:It’s true that if you reach 1,000 pairs, you’ve reached the end of the road. You are a professional collector in this field.



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