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Dog food coordinator Mitsuyuki Yuasa approaches dog health from a food perspective.



A daily life of love not only for animals but also for plants

Celeina: Yesterday we talked about a plant called “Staghorn fern” and I heard that Mr.Yuasa is also into plants.

Yuasa: There is a plant called “agave,” which is used to make tequila, and there is an ornamental agave.

Takano: You brought it with you today, didn’t you?

Celeina: This is the agave that you usually adore at home.

Yuasa: That’s right. She says “Good morning” (haha).

Takano: It looks really cool. It looks a little spiky. Is this going to be a cactus?

Yuasa: This is a type of plant called a “agave”. It is becoming quite popular.

Takano: This flowerpot is cool too.

Yuasa: Actually, I made it myself.

Celeina: You made it yourself?

Yuasa: Yes, I did. I asked to make just the flowerpot at a pottery class.

Takano: For this agave?

Yuasa: That’s right. I went to a pottery class and made it just for this agave.

Takano: The design fits very well.

Celeina: It feels like a flowerpot made for this agave. Do the agaves come in various sizes?

Yuasa: They range from small to large. The shapes also vary.

Takano: How did you get hooked on agave?

Yuasa: It’s simply cool.

Takano: I see, because they look cool. How many do you have at home?

Yuasa: 100 or 200, I guess.

Celeina: That many! You also have a dog, don’t you?

Yuasa: I’m taking up a new post leaving one’s family behind. Also, I have permission from my wife, so it’s fine.

Celeina: So you are able to live separately there. My Momo-chan has repeatedly attacked a houseplant I named Santos. I wonder what to do with houseplants and dogs.

Takano: So houseplants have names too (haha). But sometimes they eat them by mistake.

Yuasa: Not so good. I’d really recommend a houseplant that can be hung on the wall.

Takano: So you and Mr.Tom are plant friends?

Yuasa: Yes, we are. We are plant friends and drinking buddies.

Celeina: Did Mr.Tom get you hooked on agave plants?

Yuasa: I bought one as an interior decoration and thought it was cool. From there, I looked into what kinds there were, and I got deeper and deeper into it.

Celeina:Mr.Yuasa is a dedicated researcher, isn’t he?

Takano: Like with dog food, you are also a very inquisitive person, aren’t you?

Yuasa: I go into it too much.

Takano: Your persistence leads to your dog’s health, too. That was a very valuable talk. Thank you very much.

Yuasa: Thank you very much.

Celeina: Now, “FIST BUMP,” a circle of friends connected by goo touch! So, we are asking you to introduce your friends to us. What kind of people will Mr.Yuasa introduce to us?

Yuasa: If I had to describe it in one word, he has a strong core and are very particular about what he does, but he doesn’t let it show on his faces.

Celeina: I see. Like a hidden hard worker. Can you tell us thier name?

Yuasa: This is Terukazu Murakami, owner of the creative Italian restaurant “1n58 (Inugoya Baru).

Takano: I’m curious. Tomorrow, I would like to dig deeper into the core of Mr.Murakami.

Celeina: “FIST BUMP”, today we welcome dog food coordinator Mitsuyuki Yuasa. Thank you very much.


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