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Dog food coordinator Mitsuyuki Yuasa approaches dog health from a food perspective.



From being in charge of tropical fish to a dog food expert

Takano: I heard that Mr.Yuasa was originally in charge of tropical fish at a pet store.

Yuasa: I was in charge of tropical fish for a long time, and I was thinking of opening a store specializing in tropical fish in the future.

Celeina: What made you decide to go into the pet food business?

Yuasa: There was a customer who happened to ask me about pet food when I was free while the store was busy. The dog’s skin was in a state of dryness. But I didn’t know anything about it, so I tried to get the person in charge to take over. But since I had just gotten on board, I decided to study a little bit and started consulting with the client about her food. I studied a lot of things, recommended dog food and supplements, and had him try them for about six months. But it didn’t heal at all.

Takano: So it was.

Yuasa: That’s when I decided to make homemade food.This was about 10 years ago, but homemade meals were gradually becoming popular, so I asked the owner if you wanted to try it. The owner said he would try it, so we discussed it, and when I saw the dog for the first time in two months, the dog was so much cleaner.

Celeina: Wow!

Yuasa: I said to the owner, “It looks so beautiful!”, he squeezed both of my hands and cried and said, “Thank you”. I was going to do a tropical fish shop, but then I thought, “This is what I do”.

Takano: So your current job is the result of thinking more about the dogs than the store.



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