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Dog food coordinator Mitsuyuki Yuasa approaches dog health from a food perspective.



Selling dog food that is as close to homemade as possible

Celeina: Now you give lectures as a dog food coordinator and have stores in Daikanyama, Hyogo Prefecture, and Kagawa, right?

Yuasa: Yes, I do.

Celeina: So you recommend homemade dog food, but you also sell a variety of dog food? What kind of products do you sell?

Yuasa: We carry additive-free products that are as close as possible to homemade products and do not contain additives, preservatives, preservatives, or coloring agents. Perhaps you don’t know this, but what we eat is food, but what the dogs eat is treated as sundries.

Celeina: I see.

Yuasa: Because it is treated as general merchandise, it may contain strong additives or use coloring to make it look beautiful even for dogs’ color vision. As I mentioned earlier, we select products so that there are absolutely no additives in them, as they can be hard on their little bodies.

Celeina:I see. We have them bring a variety of products to the studio. This is the “18 Club” series, which is Yuasa-san’s original product, isn’t it?

Yuasa: Yes. I want you to take a look at the raw materials.

Takano: It’s very simple! The only ingredient in the product called “Tosaka” is “comb”. There are no preservatives or anything like that.

Yuasa: I also brought something like this today. It’s a pufferfish porridge, and it’s perfect for the coming season.

Celeina: So you can give warm rice to your dog too?

Yuasa: And it’s made with blowfish from Shimonoseki.

Celeina: Wow! We also have an online store, so listeners are encouraged to check it out. Now,one song will be played. What kind of song did Mr.Yuasa choose for us?

Yuasa: This song was the first CD I ever bought. It’s “Virtual Insanity” by Jamiroquai.



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