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Young manzai performer Manju Daiteikoku has been on the road to becoming a manzai performer through a series of miracles since his days at Ochiken.



Heartwarming episode with Westland Iguchi, my senior at the office.

Takano: Every Tuesday we do a deep dive into the anime, comic, and game ACG, and I heard that Takeuchi-san draws illustrations.

Takeuchi: I’m embarrassed to be lumped in that category. I draw a lot of things on my iPad as a hobby. I draw thumbnails for YouTube videos of the Manju Daiteikoku, for example.

Celeina:It’s was so.

Takeuchi: I also put up a video called “E-Banashi,” in which the two of us have a joke-like conversation to go along with the pictures I draw.

I also draw portraits as a hobby, and I gave one to my senior at the office, Mr.Iguchi of Westland, for his birthday last year.

Takano: You brought it with you today, didn’t you?

Takeuchi:This is the drawing.

Takano: It looks like him!

Celeina: The touch is cute!

Takeuchi:After all, Mr. Iguchi has a poisonous tongue, so he said, “What’s this? I don’t want this! Your drawings have malice in them.” But after a few days, this drawing became his LINE icon.

Takano: Wow! That’s cool.

Takeuchi: You like it! I thought.

Tanaka: This is the only heartwarming story around Mr. Iguchi. Most of the time, he got angry or yelled at me. (haha)

Takeuchi: You seem embarrassed to say this in front of Mr. Iguchi. He would say, “Don’t say it!”.

Tanaka: That’s obstruction of business. (haha)

Takano: No, no, he is a wonderful senior.

Takeuchi: I draw pictures like this that look like I’m out of the picture, and I put them on Instagram as well, if you want to take a look.

Takano: You also have a social networking site for Manju Daiteikoku, don’t you?

Takeuchi: X is a joint account of the two of us (@manjudaiteikoku), and Instagram has accounts for each of the two of us, so I hope you can have a look if you like.

Takano: I hope you will check it out.

Celeina: “FIST BUMP” is a circle of friends that connects with goo touches, so we ask you to introduce your friends, but what kind of people will the two people from Manju Daiteikoku introduce to us?

Tanaka: It is rakugo storyteller Shunputei Ikkyu. He is a disciple of the master Shunputei Ichinosuke. We have been friends since our rakugo club days, so I call him “this guy.” He is serious, but he is weird. He is a strange guy who entered Kyoto University, joined Ochiken, and is now a rakugo performer.

Takano: That is an amazing career.

Tanaka: I want you to talk to him. I don’t know what it means. (haha)

Celeina: In one word?

Tanaka: Weird.

Takano: I am looking forward to it. Tomorrow, I’ll be connecting with rakugo storyteller Shunputei Ikkyu.

Celeina: “FIST BUMP”, today we welcome two members of the Manju Daiteikoku. Thank you very much.


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