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Young manzai performer Manju Daiteikoku has been on the road to becoming a manzai performer through a series of miracles since his days at Ochiken.



Two man live performance at a live house in connection with “debayashi”

Celeina: You have done a two-man show with South Penguin, haven’t you?

Tanaka: That’s right. When I didn’t even know them, I received an offer from Akatsuka of South Penguin to do a two-man show with them through their office. I had no idea what a two-man show between a comedian and a band member would mean, but he made a solid offer, so I decided to give it a try.

Takeuchi:It was interesting so we wanted to try it.(haha)

Celeina: That’s great. How was the live performance?

Tanaka: It was really weird.

Takano: How is it going to be?

Takeuchi: We played at a live house, but we had to go through South Penguin’s instruments, avoiding the chords and equipment that we weren’t supposed to step on.

Tanaka: We said, “If we step on this, the next song will be a disaster.

Takeuchi: It was a close call, wasn’t it?

Takano: It was an interesting combination.



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