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Young manzai performer Manju Daiteikoku has been on the road to becoming a manzai performer through a series of miracles since his days at Ochiken.



A miracle happened just as we were starting to become a comedian.

Celeina: And from there, you joined Titan, an entertainment agency to which Bakusho Mondai also belongs.

Takeuchi:Another miracle followed.

Celeina: Yes.

Takeuchi:At the time when we were talking about doing this, I was in my fourth year of college, and the alumni meeting of the rakugo club of Nihon University’s College of Art was held for the first time in decades. At the alumni meeting, there was a broadcaster, Mr. Fumio Takada, who was there as an alumnus. Since we went to the same high school, I used that as an excuse to go and say hello to him. He asked me about my career path, and when I replied, “I am not job hunting in any way,” he complimented me, saying, “That’s great!”.

Tanaka: A strange school. (haha)

Takeuchi: He said, “That’s the way it has to be at the Nichigei Ochiken,”. When I told him ” I wanted to be a comedian”, he said, “That’s good! Who is your favorite comedian?” .When I answered, “I like Bakusho Mondai,” he said, “Leave it to me! I’m like a master of them. I’ll send a letter to them.” Mr. Takada sent the letter to Titan, and voila, we were accepted into Titan.

Celeina: What a miracle story! (haha)

Tanaka: This is the same story in 2016.

Takeuchi: I joined Titan in April of the following year.

Tanaka: So I thought it would be a quick sale and be over in no time.

Takano: It was really a rage.

Takeuchi: I was really lucky and had a chance to meet them.

Takano: I could go on for hours or so about the roots of the two of you, but I’d like to interrupt the song here for a moment. I asked the two members of Manju Daiteikoku to choose a song that they would like to listen to together on the radio at this time.

Tanaka: This is a song that I use as a musical accompaniment when I perform at live performances hosted by K-PRO’s Kojima-san. It is “ame” in South Penguin.



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