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In Life’s Persistence, Ayuni D Sends Thanks to Her 16-Year-Old Self




Reflecting Forward: Crafting a Letter to Your Future Self

-Now that you are running the band PEDRO, you must be feeling both the real joys and the difficulties of being a team, which is unique to a band.

Ayuni D: The two people who are working with me now are the legendary Mr. Tabuchi, who is the origin and peak of my music, and Yumao, the drummer of Hitolier, who was my youth and superhero in my junior high school days. I have been guided and saved by the parts of the two of them that I am still too much in awe of to touch. The joy of creating a live performance and a work of art that far exceeds my imagination each time is still the real thrill of the show. There are times when I feel like falling apart because I am still inexperienced, but if I remember how good it feels to perform live, I know I can keep going.

PEDRO “Green Heights” (from “Senshin” at Nippon Budokan, November 27, 2023)

-I think that both Mr. Tabuchi and Mr. Yumao have experienced the loss of their loved ones, and because they still have the spirit to continue their music, I think that Ayuni has received a lot of things from you as well.

Ayuni D: You have really received a lot. Every time I talk to both of you, I feel every second that “this person has experienced so many different life experiences. Both of you have made any difficulties into your own flesh and blood. They are the ones who have created the light that can be seen beyond the difficulties they have overcome, and they make me want to pursue what I love even if I have to cut down my soul, and explore this life until I become a grandmother.

-If you were to write a letter to yourself 10 years from now, what kind of words would you like to deliver to yourself?

Ayuni D: I would like to say, “I’ll always be a human apprentice. Explore this life and have adventures until you become a grandmother; there is no such thing as being 30 or being an adult. I think it would be good if I could be as innocent as a child for the rest of my life, and yet be as receptive as an adult. I think that would be the coolest thing.

-Lastly, you chose “Sentimental Anthem” from your own songs as the song you would like to deliver to the people of those days. Please tell us why you chose this song.

Ayuni D: I wrote this song with the idea of celebrating sentimentality and sentimentality, so-called negative feelings, and having fun if we have to. I chose this song because I wanted it to be a trigger for people to look at the seemingly negative things that they tend to see, such as a lack of hope in life or not being able to achieve what they set out to do, from a different perspective, and see if it can lead them to the next path.

At the time I wrote this song, I was only thinking about myself, and although it is a song about my despair, I wrote the lyrics desperately to somehow turn my negative feelings into something positive. I hope that the song will be a source of hope for someone else, and in fact, I believe that “Sentimental Anthem” is the song that is saving me right now.

#WordsToMyYoungerSelf presented by FRISK

FRISK is championing positive strides and ventures with its “#WordsIWantToSendToMyselfFromBackThen” campaign. Here, 11 artists, talents, and creators have penned letters to their former selves, encouraging them to embark on new paths and embrace challenges. Expect interviews and discussions on the letter contents across platforms like CINRA, J-WAVE, me and you, Natalie, NiEW, and QJWeb. The handwritten letters in full will be showcased at the FRISK exhibition titled “Words I Want to Send to Myself from Back Then,” commencing April 11th (Thursday) at BONUS TRACK in Shimokitazawa. (Details here).


Eleven groups of leading artists will present “Words I Wish I Could Deliver to Myself Back Then”. The exhibition features handwritten letters written to their former selves who were once troubled by problems. This exhibition is a gift to all those who will start a new life this spring.

Venue: BONUS TRACK GALLERY, Shimokitazawa (2-36-12 Daita, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo)
Dates: April 11 (Thu) – 17 (Wed), 2024, 11:00 – 20:00 (common for all days) *Opening hours are subject to change.

Participating artists: Sekai Kan Ozaki (Creep Hype), Ayuni D, Boru Juku (Tomoka Tanabe, Hope Sakayori, Anri, Haruka Kiriya), SIRUP, imase, Megane, Ameko Kodama, TENDRE, Kento Nagatsuka (WONK), Aile The Shota, Masaya Mifune (ROTH BART BARON)

Organized by NiEW Supported by FRISK

A special talk show featuring Ayuni D. and Ameiko Kodama x Megane will also be held!
In addition to the exhibition, we will hold a special talk show featuring Ms. Ayuni D., Ms. Ameko Kodama, and Mr. Megane, who have contributed messages to this project, on the stage. Talk show will be held.

Location: BONUS TRACK LOUNGE (2F BONUS TRACK central building tenant 2-36-15 Daita, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo)
Date & Time:
Talk show by Ameiko Kodama and Megane-san” April 11 (Thu) 19:30-20:30 (doors open at 19:00)
Talk show by Ayuni D.” April 14 (Sun.) 14:00-15:00 (doors open at 13:30)

Seating at the venue is limited, so if you wish to attend, please register via the link below. Only winners will be notified after a drawing will be held. (Please set “” as a designated domain to receive emails.)
→Please check the NiEW special page for details.

PEDRO “Omomukumamani Inomukumamani” (赴くままに、胃の向くままに)(CD)

Released on Wednesday, November 29, 2023
Price: 3,300 yen (tax included)

1 Return
2 Green Heights
3 Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
4 Washinshin
5 Music
6 To the Nice One
7 Clean and Proper
8 As you go
9 Fly away
10 The rest of your life



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