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In Life’s Persistence, Ayuni D Sends Thanks to Her 16-Year-Old Self




“I’ve Strived not to Inconvenience Others, but now I See People both Inconvenience and Support Each Other.”

-I think that the start of PEDRO was a half-assed proposal from the president and other staff members, but it is also miraculous in a sense that Ayuni herself has taken on the mindset of actively moving the band forward from there and is now the main force in expressive activities, isn’t it?

Ayuni D: It really is. Because the oasis in my heart became PEDRO. The band just happened to suit my nature. It was also through PEDRO that I learned the difficulty, fun, and beauty of creating something from zero to one in a real sense.

I learned that no matter how negative something is, it can be connected to light. It was through PEDRO that I met Hisako Tabuchi of NUMBER GIRL, the person who made me fall in love with music and bands. The passion that was born from meeting other people has inspired me to get excited about music. I am truly blessed with people.

PEDRO “Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter” (from “Senshin” at Nippon Budokan, November 27, 2023)

-But isn’t that also the kind of fate that you attract because you yourself value people?

Ayuni D: No, I was a fucking cocky kid. I was a brat, and I wanted to punch myself in the past (laughs). I didn’t open up to people. So I am really grateful to the people around me who have supported and cared for this weird guy all these years.

I used to live my life thinking that I would not bother people as much as possible, but now I have learned that people bother each other, hurt each other, and protect each other.

-I learned that people should live by bothering each other, hurting each other, and protecting each other. I learned that people cause each other trouble, hurt each other, and protect each other. Is there a reason why you came to believe that?

Life revolves around the decisions we make. So, it’s wise to follow the path that ignites your inner passion. Causing inconvenience to others is simply a part of existence. That’s why it’s crucial to make positive contributions to those around us.

Excerpt from Ayuni D’s letter (“Words to Deliver to the Jibuns of Those Days,” presented by FRISK)

Ayuni D: After all, I gradually realized that after working with BiSH and then with PEDRO. It may sound like a big deal to say “contribution,” but I think that contributions such as money and food are just forms and tools.

As long as I am alive, I will always be inconveniencing someone else until the end of my life, and if I can save as many people as I can in return, I think that is a rich way to live. So, I think it is okay to do anything that excites you, as long as it is not against the law. Don’t think too much about it, and if you fail, it’s okay if you fail. It may take effort, but I don’t think it’s necessary to take courage as a very heavy thing.



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