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IRIENANAKO holds countless titles. She talks about her powerful creative spirit that started making movies in junior high school.



A sudden development! The discussion about the power tool brand “Makita” was a big hit!

Takano: And Ilie-san, since the theme of today’s program is “consumer electronics gadgets,” are there any things that have been on your mind recently as a film director?

Ilie: There is a brand that I’m interested in, or rather, I’ve always loved, and it’s called “Makita”,

Takano: No, I’m here. !!!!!! I like it too! I have a vacuum cleaner!

Irie: Me too (laughs). It’s nice, isn’t it? I love Makita so much that I even wrote a letter to him (laughs).

Takano: Really? (laugh).

Ilie: I make things and send them to him (laughs). (laughs) I really want to release a Makita dress under my own one-piece brand.

Takano: Has your love reached Makita-san?

Ilie: I have already received a response, but I am now working on a second approach.

Takano: That’s good! To all Makita people who are listening to this, please collaborate with Nanako Ilie!

Ilie: Please do!

Takano: After vacuum cleaners, is there anything else you’re after?

Ilie: The thing I want most right now is my blower. Wind,

Takano: A blower?

Ilie: Yes, that’s right. I want to buy that for my next birthday.

Takano: A Makita blower! What is this for?

Ilie: I just want to hug it and go to sleep!

Takano: Hahaha, no, it’s nice, really. The design is cool, too. It’s like “Ghostbusters” cool.

Well, it’s almost time for me to say goodbye, but I’ve been introducing my friends to you in this corner called FIST BUMP, which is a circle of friends connected by the Goo Touch. What kind of people do you introduce to us?

Ilie: It’s a person named Fuyuko-san from a live house/spot called Daydream in Kichijoji.

Takano: Do you run Kichijoji Daydream?

Ilie: She is an event organizer, and she also plays music and draws pictures. What I find very interesting is that she regularly holds workshops and lectures on mental health.

Takano: I’m looking forward to it. How would you describe Fuyuko in one word?

Ilie: In my mind, she is like a “happiness warrior.

Takano: A warrior of happiness!

Ilie: I also feel that he tries to make the people around him happy. He not only expresses himself as an artist, but also conducts workshops and lectures, and I feel that he is soft but fights for the better.

Takano: I received a nice copy. Thank you very much, Ilie-san!


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