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IRIENANAKO holds countless titles. She talks about her powerful creative spirit that started making movies in junior high school.



Amazing synopsis of the movie “Until the Carnival

Takano: I also heard that your new film will be released soon.

Ilie: Yes, a 45-minute film called “Till the Carnival” will be released on April 14 for one week.

Takano: What is the synopsis?

Ilie: The three gods are the main characters, and the carnival is “carnival” in English, but in this film, we are only creating an original festival, and the setting is such that two of the three must die in the main performance of the festival.

Takano: What?

Ilie: But in that world line, it is an honor to be chosen to die there, and it is to save the world. So, in order to be chosen, the film is like a well-wisher’s meeting where the three of them talk and talk and talk for seven days until the day of the festival.

Takano: Wow, that sounds interesting! Where can I see it?

Ilie: It will be shown at a cinema called Tollywood in Shimokitazawa for one week from April 14.

Takano: I can’t help but wonder what will happen on the day of the screening, but I asked Ilie to choose a song that would go well with this time slot. What kind of song would it be?

Ilie: It’s called “Skirt” by Furukawa Honpo. I really like the ambiguity of this song, and I thought it would be perfect for the evening. I like this song and keep listening to it, but I don’t know what it is talking about. I don’t know if it is a bright story or a dark story, or if it is a light story or a dark story. I feel like it fits the ambiguous feeling of the evening between day and night.

Takano: Irienanako chose the song “Skirt” by Furukawa Honpo. It was a nice choice of music between day and night.



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