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nico, a former Sawagi member who runs three izakayas in Shimokitazawa, finds common ground with live music



Talking about the future of the three stores you have set up.

Celeina: You currently have three stores, “Mabonen,” “Omukai,” and “Machinaka.” Do you have any plans or things you want to do in the future?

nico: Recently, I have been doing interviews for the media, which I enjoy doing, and I am currently working on making domestic hot sauce.

Takano: Domestic hot sauce?

nico: Yes. I am thinking of branding it, building a storefront, and enjoying it for inbound customers.

Celeina: Seasonings are great, aren’t they? It can be used to arrange various ingredients. I am also interested in the fact that it is made in Japan.

nico: There is a demand for hot sauce overseas, but there is almost none in Japan.

Takano: Why did you choose hot sauce?

nico: A boy who is going to make hot sauce with me is a hot sauce lover. He has lived abroad, too, and he wondered why there are no hot sauces in Japan when there are so many overseas.

Celeina: I like it too. It is like shichimi (seven spices) in Japanese homes.

nico: I think that’s what it is. You can find it in restaurants and everywhere.

Takano: I am looking forward to your future activities. By the way, what about your music activities?

nico: I’m just thinking of playing drums for a friend’s 60th birthday celebration, so it’s not like I’m going to tell you here (laughs).

Celeina: But I don’t know when I will restart.

Takano: There is also the synergy with NICO’s Izakaya.

Celeina: Last but not least, this program deals with and transmits Tokyo culture. Is there any recent Tokyo culture that you are interested in?

nico: Ohashi Kaikan. I went to its reception.

Takano: It opened last week, right?

nico: Ohashi Kaikan was built with the context of the city in mind, and I felt that was very important. I wondered, “What is going to happen in the future? It had something in common with Shimokitazawa.

Takano: What was the atmosphere like?

nico: The building is still in its original state, and the current creators have made it stylish. There are restaurants, cafes, and ateliers. It is a small cultural complex.

Celeina: The Bunka Yusen (a public bathhouse popular among sauna lovers) across the street from Ohashi Kaikan is always crowded, so I am hoping that the sauna in Ohashi Kaikan will also be lively together. I haven’t been able to go there yet, so I want to check it out too.

nico: By all means.

Celeina: “FIST BUMP”, a circle of friends connected by goofing around, is asking you to introduce your friends to us. nico, what kind of people will you be introducing us to?

nico: Tomokazu Suga of “STYLE BAND TOKYO,” who is also the manager of Tempalay and MONO NO AWARE, and does various things such as organizing events and DJing, is my drinking buddy.

Celeina: In a word, what kind of person would you describe him as?

nico: A gentle kitten.

Takano: A gentle kitten! I will check tomorrow (laughs). Tomorrow, we will welcome Mr. Tomokazu Suga of “STYLE BAND TOKYO”.

Celeina: “FIST BUMP”, today it was nico-san, who is involved with “Mabonen”, “Omukai”, and “Machinaka” izakaya in Shimokitazawa. Thank you very much.

nico: Thank you very much.


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