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Who is Tinkerbell Hatsuno, the mysterious artist who also competes in the M-1 Grand Prix?



Chasing idols has become an output as an artist

Takano: So you like idols a lot?

Hatsuno: Yes, I do.

Takano: In what direction?

Hatsuno: Right now, I’m into K-pop idols.

Celeina: When you say now, do you mean before?

Hatsuno: Before, I mainly followed Halo Pro and they drove me crazy.

Celeina: It sounds like you were putting all your energy into your guesses.

Takano: You also watched idol survival audition shows.

Hatsuno: I like them a lot. It is an audition program held by HYBE LABELS, the office of BTS, and I am fascinated by the kind of people that the office of BTS, which has become famous worldwide, produces. The color of the program differs from show to show.

Celeina: “R U Next?” can be seen on ABEMA. I’m curious. Do you find it fascinating to watch idols grow and develop?

Hatsuno: Yes, I do. That’s exactly what I find the most appealing. They are devoting their youth to it, and since I am allowed to watch them, I feel obligated to support them.

Takano: Is it connected to your own output as an artist?

Hatsuno: Yes, I learned how to use Instagram and Twitter. I also learned how to show documents, so it’s all connected.

Celeina: You are very serious.

Takano: It’s great to have you talk about it without any jokes.

Celeina: But I also read your Twitter feed, and it’s very interesting.

Takano: I can’t say anything (laughs).

Celeina: Like “I can’t wait to tell everyone about the road traffic information” 34 minutes ago (laughs).

Takano: So there was a foreshadowing, right (laughs)?

Celeina: So that’s how it is.

Takano: Thank you very much. I’ll tell Kosugi-san later (laughs).

Celeina: Now, FIST BUMP is a circle of friends connected by gootouch, and we are asking you to introduce us to your friends.

Hatsuno: Someone named Chikara Choshu.

Takano: What kind of person?

Hatsuno: He is the owner of a bar called “Chokara Choshu. He told me that he was an organizer of various events and an agent for bands. He also connected me with live music clubs for “Various Crosses,” and they helped me organize events, secure venues, and so on.

Celeina: If you had to sum it up in one word, how would it be?

Hatsuno: “A person who pushes the band hard.

Celeina: I am most grateful.

Takano: I’m worried about the “pushes” part (laughs).

Hatsuno: I get scared and don’t want to take risks and move forward, but you do it.

Celeina: It is important.

Takano: Thank you very much. Tomorrow, I will be talking to Chikara Choshu, the owner and organizer of the “Choshu Chikara” bar.

Celeina: “FIST BUMP” today, today we welcome artist Tinkerbell Hatsuno. Thank you very much.

Hatsuno: Thank you very much.


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