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Who is Tinkerbell Hatsuno, the mysterious artist who also competes in the M-1 Grand Prix?



April Fool’s Day triggers the start of a visual-kei band

Takano: I am also interested in visual-kei bands. I heard that they started their activities on Corona Disaster under the name “Various Crosses.

Hatsuno: We started our activities on April Fool’s Day, April 2020, when we were 31 years old.

Celeina: I saw the arphotos on Spotify, and they are a solid visual-kei band. You can’t imagine that from today’s attire.

Hatsuno: It’s cool, isn’t it? Aesthetically pleasing.

Takano: Aesthetic (laughs). What was the inspiration for this?

Hatsuno: It was inspired by something my mother wrote on …….

Takano: That’s definitely a lie (laughs).

Hatsuno: The truth is, I had originally been working on a lying project for April Fool’s Day since about 2018. I lied about producing a dog idol. The 2020 version of that was the reason why I wanted to do Visual Kei.

Takano: But you are still active in this project?

Celeina: So it’s no longer April Fool’s Day?

Hatsuno: That’s right. It has become a reality. That’s funny.

Takano: That’s funny too (laughs). But yesterday, Hao Hao Hao said that he is a person who keeps doing something that sounds like a joke at a high quality, so it makes sense. Visual-kei bands also continue to do things at a high quality. It’s amazing.

Celeina: Now, I would like to send you a song, and I asked Tinkerbell Hatsuno-san to choose a song that we would all like to hear on the radio at this time. What song would it be?

Hatsuno: It’s a kind of cool song.

Celeina: Please introduce the song.

Hatsuno: “Finalboss” by KAMIYA.

Celeina: Tinkerbell Hatsuno-san chose the song “Finalboss” by KAMIYA.

Takano: Cool!

Celeina: KAMIYA, I just recently went into the studio with you to write a song.

Hatsuno: I didn’t know you knew each other.

Celeina: Where did you come across KAMIYA’s music?

Hatsuno: It happened to be at the top of YouTube.

Takano: Algorithmic? (laughs)

Hatsuno: Algorithmic.

Celeina: The dance video for “Finalboss” is super cool. You should watch it as well as the song.



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