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Who is Tinkerbell Hatsuno, the mysterious artist who also competes in the M-1 Grand Prix?



A circle of friends connected by gut touch! The “FIST BUMP” corner of the radio program “GRAND MARQUEE” features people who live and enjoy Tokyo in a relay format.

On July 25, artist Tinkerbell Hatsuno will appear on the program, introduced by Hao Hao Hao, owner of a store specializing in light and sound. Mr. Tinkerbell Hatsuno is the bassist of the band “she might be swimmer,” a company employee who concurrently performs as a solo artist, is the vocalist of the visual-kei band “Various Crosses” under the name TINK, and has participated in the M-1 Grand Prix and King of Contest. We asked him about the origin of his name, how he started his visual-kei band, and the idol survival audition program he is chasing.

Vocalist of a visual-kei band and company employee who also appears in M-1

Takano (MC): I was surprised, but we are mutual followers.

Celeina (MC): How did you come into contact with each other?

Takano: We were together at a big comedy event we used to do at Asagaya Loft A.

Hatsuno: Yes.

Takano: But we didn’t have any contact at all, or rather, we were in different blocks, so we didn’t fight. It was about the first time we were involved, wasn’t it?

Hatsuno: Yes, that’s right. Nice to meet you.

Celeina: Nice to meet you.

Hatsuno: It’s strange, isn’t it?

Celeina: I visited Tinkerbell Hatsuno’s official website. It is very impressive.

Takano: It looks like a corporate website.

Hatsuno: We are allowed to do it at a company.

Celeina: It was interesting, but again, Tinkerbell Hatsuno-san, you are an artist, right?

Hatsuno: No, I give road traffic information on J-WAVE.

Takano: That’s definitely not true! No, it’s not (laughs). You are the one who makes music, right?

Hatsuno: Yes, I am.

Celeina: He is making jokes with a straight face right from the start.

Takano: I can tell that he is not just a guy (laughs).

Hatsuno: I’m glad.

Takano: First of all, you are the bassist of the band “she might be swimmer” and also the vocalist “twink” of the visual-kei band “Various Crosses.

Hatsuno: Yes, I am tink.

Takano: I have descended (laughs). He is also a company employee who has participated in the M-1 Grand Prix and King of Contest.

Hatsuno: A company employee.

Celeina: Really? (laughs) Does it all come together at the end with a company employee?

Takano: I’m starting to lose track. Could you tell us a little bit about the chronological order? First, let’s start with why you started your music career.

Hatsuno: The reason was because my mother told me to do it.

Celeina: (laughs). I really can’t see the truth in Tinkerbell’s expression.

Hatsuno: I was the bassist of a band called “she might be swimmer,” and I was trying to be popular as a cool band. Then, because of my character of always making jokes, I started a solo career in parallel, just for fun. My name at that time was Tinkerbell Hatsuno.

Celeina: Do you play bass in she might be swimmer under the name Tinkerbell Hatsuno?

Hatsuno: I am now, but originally it was just regular “Hatsuno. It was a bit of a shift.

Takano: Where does Tinkerbell come from?

Hatsuno: I was going to upload a sound source to SoundCloud, and when I had to give it a name, I happened to be wearing a Tinkerbell sweatshirt I bought at a thrift store, so I just decided to go with “Tinkerbell Hatsuno.

Celeina: I see. But you look really cool today.

Hatsuno: Really? Even though you are naked.

Takano: No, I’m not naked (laughs).

Hatsuno: I’m glad.

Celeina: I don’t know if you are kidding or not (laughs).

Hatsuno: Me neither.

Takano: I think it’s about 80% a joke (laughs). (laughs). We are on a big comedy night in Asagaya’s underground.

Celeina: You too, Takano-san (laughs). I can’t believe Takano-san either (laughs).

Takano: I’m on the navigator side, so I limit my jokes to about 20% (laughs).



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