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A talk between Jinichiro Iida and Hiroo Nishizawa, who have seen BiSH at its closest. From the eve of the formation to the breakup live



The atmosphere of the group changed with the addition of Ayuni D. (2016)

-What was your first impression of AYUNI?

Iida: Nothing but cute, so she said she was looking forward to growing up. I could clearly see that in her. I think the day after the audition, Ms. Watanabe went to Hokkaido (Auni’s parents’ home).

That’s how passionate Mr. Watanabe was, and everyone was sure of it. I remember being shocked at the balance of Aina, Chicci, and Ayuni when the three of them sang together. That was the most impressive thing.

Nishizawa: To be honest, I was scared of the atmosphere of BiSH in the beginning and didn’t want to get close to them. But when Auni joined the group, everyone was at a loss as to what to do with such an innocent girl, and the shape of the group changed a bit.

The group changed a bit from being spiky to feeling a little closer to each other. That is how much the group’s atmosphere changed when Auni joined. She had a different atmosphere from the previous members.

Signs of a breakthrough at Hibiya Noon (2016)

BiSH artist photo from October 2016

-When did you see the signs of BiSH’s breakthrough?

Nishizawa: For me, it was Hibiya Noon (“BiSH Less than SEX TOUR FINAL ‘Teiseikai'”). Tickets did not sell out until the day of the concert, and eventually sold out just in time. The live performance that day was great, but the live video of the “orchestra” that we released on YouTube afterwards went viral. The excitement was different from what we had seen in the past, and it felt like it was spreading outside.

BiSH / Orchestra [Less Than SEX TOUR FiNAL “Teiseikai” at Hibiya Open-Air Concert Hall].

-I went to Hibiya No Oto as well, and I felt that I could see something like a certainty. I remember directly saying in the backstage greeting after the concert, “We can definitely do it in a bigger and bigger place. But the members responded with something like, “Oh, thank you,” and they didn’t seem to have that much confidence in their ability to make a breakthrough.

But the fact that they came out with an “orchestral” song here suggests that they were planning to make BiSH a more popular group, and the songs that would make that possible came together at just the right time. How do you feel about it? What do you think?


Iida: I think so too.

Nishizawa: Orchestra” was initially intended to be a coupling of “DEADMAN”.

Iida: I was thinking that “Orchestra” was going to be a coupling of “DEADMAN” at first: On the other hand, it was the people at avex who said, “This is a great song, so let’s release it as a single. Mr. Watanabe and Mr. Matsukuma, who had been working independently, took their ideas and made them work as something that would sell better. In that sense, I thought the staff at avex was really amazing.



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