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A talk between Jinichiro Iida and Hiroo Nishizawa, who have seen BiSH at its closest. From the eve of the formation to the breakup live



BiSH Formation – Major Debut (2015-2016)

BiSH artist photo from November 2015 (6 members including former member Hag Mee)

-Do you have any events or episodes that you think marked a turning point for the group from the time of its formation to its major label debut?

Nishizawa: I think the release of our second album “FAKE METAL JACKET” was the core of the group. Songs from this album, such as “beautifulness,” are now the main focus of our live performances.

It is also refreshing to hear a change from your previous songs, which were a combination of J-pop, J-rock, and melocoa, to a more alternative guitar rock sound. There are songs like “ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE,” which goes from quiet to intense in one fell swoop. I think this is where the musical foundation of BiSH was laid.

BiSH / beautifulisa [NEW HATEFUL KiND TOUR] at NHK Hall

Iida: I feel exactly the same way. I think that “Spark” and “Sarabakanana” were the period when Mr. Matsukuma and Mr. Watanabe were really getting into the swing of things. I feel that it was the music that really pulled the group forward.

-The first time I saw BiSH was at Ebisu LIQUIDROOM in 2016 (“Eden of Sorrow Tour Final “IDOL is SHiT”). At first, I had the image of BiS as a group that was going to do radical things again, but I think it was at that time that my image changed to that of a group with cool live performances.

Nishizawa: That’s right. With the completion of “FAKE METAL JACKET,” I felt that our direction was set and our focus narrowed.



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