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Floor Essence 〜dance・club・party〜

Romy and THSA at “Fuji Rock”. Summer festival dance acts and 90’s revival



Photo by James Genchi
Photo by James Genchi

The first half of the world’s major festivals, following “Coachella” in April and “Bonnaroo” and “Primavera” in June, has already come to an end. Japan, however, is just getting started, and many dance acts are scheduled to perform at “Fuji Rock” and “Summer Sonic” this year as well. Let us introduce you to some of the most noteworthy acts and give you an update on the current state of the dance scene.

Dance music has become pop music in the UK.

Every year from April to May, the number of announcements on SNS accounts of DJs, parties, and festivals increases dramatically. From this time on, photos and sound files are uploaded to social networking sites. While I envy every single one of them, it is also fun to see what kind of music people are dancing to just to get a feel for the atmosphere of the scene. Especially nowadays, there are many live webcasts of festivals, and you can get a lot of information from the videos uploaded by the audience on YouTube. I myself always check BBC SOUNDS, the Internet broadcasting service of the British national broadcasting company BBC. BBC iPlayer, which broadcasts TV broadcasts over the Internet, is limited to the United Kingdom, but BBC SOUNDS, which focuses on radio broadcasts, can be accessed from overseas.

Now you can listen to the full stage performances of all the headliners at Glastonbury.

BBC’s YouTube channel has many videos of “Glastonbury Festival 2023”.

BBC SOUNDS has real-time radio broadcasts and archives of live party broadcasts. The most important thing is that the content of genre-specific programs, such as dance, rock, and relax, is so good that it’s hard to imagine what it was like in the 1990s when I was frantically checking the Essential Mix playlists. I leave the BBC SOUNDS dance channel on during the day. I think that in the UK, dance music is completely pop music. All types of dance beats are played all day long, which is probably why partying and dancing are so much a part of everyday life.

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