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#MUSIC Taro Yoda

Floor Essence 〜dance・club・party〜

This series will follow up on topics and news about dance music, the club scene, and party culture, and follow the rebirth of the Tokyo scene or the birth of a new party scene by the younger generation. No one can stop you from enjoying music, and you are free to enjoy it however you want. We hope that music fans will regain the enjoyment of partying.

Taro Yoda


In 1989, he was very impressed with Second Summer Of Love and started DJing at indie dance parties, and since the rave movement in the mid 90's, he has DJ'd and organized many raves, He has established a scene in Tokyo that continues to this day by inviting many European trance and progressive house DJs to his parties. He is a party DJ in the truest sense of the word. He runs his own label and party, Horizon, as well as KiliKiliVilla.

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