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NEWS #STAGE 2024.1.24

New performance by Compsons, a stage company centered on three women with names with seasons in them.

NiEW 2024.1.5|11:58
NEWS #STAGE 2024.2.17

Yumei’s new performance, set in the night shift of a department store, portrays people who “want to give up but won’t

NiEW 2023.12.26|11:09
NEWS #STAGE 2023.12.5

Kabuki Unveils Lupin the Third Adaptation Set in Azuchi-Momoyama Era

NiEW 2023.12.15|10:20
NEWS #STAGE 2024.3.16

Tokyo and Osaka Set to Host Second Stage Adaptation of ‘HUNTER×HUNTER’ with Visuals and CM Unveiled

NiEW 2023.12.5|21:53
NEWS #STAGE 2023.12.28

Five playwrights write a three-person play, a contrived performance by the theater troupe Sarubakuchi.

NiEW 2023.12.5|13:49
NEWS #STAGE 2023.12.2

Shizuoka’s SPAC Performs Theatrical Adaptation of Junichirō Tanizaki’s “A Spring-time Case”

NiEW 2023.11.29|12:39
NEWS #STAGE 2024.1.24

Hamuha’s New Theatrical Production Explores Diverse Family Dynamics at Family Restaurants

NiEW 2023.11.27|11:28
NEWS #STAGE 2023.12.13

Theatre Company Harapeko Penguin! is staging a home comedy about a high school senior daughter and her three fathers.

NiEW 2023.11.13|19:07

Aga-risk Entertainment launches a crafan for free public recordings and works in theaters.

NiEW 2023.11.10|15:40
NEWS #STAGE 2023.12.6

Matilda Appartement’s stage depicts how two people who became lovers through a matching app end up living together.

NiEW 2023.11.10|15:12
NEWS #STAGE 2023.11.23

Using the site of a former machine shop, “Sandalwood,” a factory performance of apple knock

NiEW 2023.11.8|12:59
NEWS #STAGE 2023.11.29

Rewrite of a work performed in 2020 with content that can be done now, NanjingMame NAMENAME’s stage

NiEW 2023.10.31|12:17



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