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NEWS #STAGE 2023.11.15

Nakanaide-Dokukinokochan’s new performance, “Samoyed” about people who want to cry but can’t.

NiEW 2023.10.30|14:22
NEWS #STAGE 2023.11.1

Final performance as a Seinendan link, Cuy’s short story “Hizyoni Samazamana Kenkou no Zizyou”

NiEW 2023.10.26|15:33
NEWS #STAGE 2023.12.15

The new stage by Siberia Shozyo Tetsudo, starring Ayaka Yasumoto and others, is a “no-separation, gentle, locked-room suspense”.

NiEW 2023.10.25|12:31
NEWS #STAGE 2023.12.9

Juggling Unit Fratres Brings the Latest Verbal Juggling Performance

NiEW 2023.10.24|13:00
NEWS #STAGE 2024.3.28

New Visuals and Artist Comments Revealed for Ryuichi Sakamoto✕ Shiro Takatani’s Theater Piece “TIME”

NiEW 2023.10.24|11:44
NEWS #STAGE 2023.12.8

Depicts liberation from the corona and sexual liberation. Shiroyagi no Kai’s stage production of “Shioreta Hana no Benmei”

NiEW 2023.10.20|15:47
NEWS #STAGE 2023.10.26

A sci-fi allegory theater on the theme of “self as the most uncanny other”by Emban ni Noruha.

NiEW 2023.10.17|14:41
NEWS #STAGE 2023.10.25

“A Family Tale” set in the attic of a suburban villa, 30th anniversary performance by Gekidan 6ban Ceed

NiEW 2023.10.17|11:51
NEWS #STAGE 2023.11.9

Second part of Muni’s stage production of “Kotoba ni Nai” about four women, mostly lesbians

NiEW 2023.10.14|14:46
NEWS #STAGE 2023.10.19

Gekidan Hutsuu’s play “Shashin” depicts the life of adults living in a rural area exclusively in the Ibaraki dialect throughout.

NiEW 2023.10.13|15:55
NEWS #STAGE 2023.10.13

Inspired by the shutters of the Kichijoji Theatre, a solo performance of YouseiDaizukan

NiEW 2023.10.12|13:08
NEWS #STAGE 2024.2.9

Shingo Katori Stars as Shuji Terayama in “Terayama Cabaret” in March 2024

NiEW 2023.10.10|16:09



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