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Tom, who runs a store specializing in Elkhorn ferns, was so fascinated with Elkhorn ferns that he left his job to start his own business.



“Staghorn” taught me not only the fun of growing, but also the fun of connecting with others.

Celeina:What kind of existence does the Staghorn have for you, Tom?

Tom:The most important thing is that they are soothing to look at. Also, recently, when I share my plants on social networking sites, I can connect with many people.

Celeina: So it is something that also makes connections with people.

Takano: It is interesting that it is like art that changes and grows day by day.

Tom: I think that’s what makes it fun and different from regular art.

Celeina: Another great thing about plants is that they return as much love as you put into them.

Takano: I’m getting more and more tempted to buy some.

Tom: I highly recommend it.

Celeina:Abnormal Inc. seems to be doing live sales on Instagram. What kind of content is that?

Tom: Every Thursday at 9pm, we do a live Instagram feed. This is where we explain the Staghorn varieties and what we have available for sale and ask people to DM us if they want to buy.

Takano: This is a good system, and customers can comment on it.

Tom: Everyone adds their gaiety, and I enjoy doing it with a beer in one hand (haha).

Celeina: So if people actually want this girl after watching the live feed on Instagram, they can send a DM and purchase her?

Tom: Yes, that’s right. Sometimes purchases are by lottery, but that’s how we do it.

Celeina: We encourage listeners to check out the live show every Thursday night at 9 p.m. on Instagram at Abnormal, Inc. “FIST BUMP,” a circle of friends connected by goo touch around! So, we are asking you to introduce your friends to us, who is Tom introducing to us?

Tom: This person is also one of the people who got hooked on Staghorn swamp. I would like to introduce Mitsuyuki Yuasa, who is a pet food coordinator.

Celeina: In a word, what kind of person is he?

Tom: In a word, he is also an abnormal person.

Takano: That’s the abnormal connection (haha). Tomorrow, we welcome Mitsuyuki Yuasa, a pet food coordinator.

Celeina: “FIST BUMP”, today we welcome Tom, a Staghorn enthusiast and representative of Abnormal Inc. Thank you very much.

Tom: Thank you very much.


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Staghorn Specialty Store「Bikaku Mafia」

◆Staghorn Specialty Store ◆Minami Aoyama store
1F, 4-6-5 Minamiaoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo [7 minutes from Gaienmae station, 10 minutes from Omotesando station
A cultural center where plants and art cross over.
Produced by abnormal Co.
Instagram: @bikaku_mafia



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