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Tom, who runs a store specializing in Elkhorn ferns, was so fascinated with Elkhorn ferns that he left his job to start his own business.



Despite its appearance, it is surprisingly easy to grow.

Takano: I understand that you quit your job and started your own Staghorn company, and that you are now so hooked on the plant that you have started your own company.Does the company give us advice on cultivating ferns?

Tom: Of course. We are directly connected with the people who have purchased our products, and we send daily advice on how to grow them.

Celeina:For the Staghorn you brought to the studio, how often do you water them per day and how do you take care of them?

Tom: It is basically the same as a regular houseplant, and can be grown completely indoors as long as the elements of light, wind, and water are present. As for watering, once or twice a week is fine for this size.

Celeina: Do I just use a misting sprayer to water it?

Tom: You can water directly from the tap. As for light, we have LED lights for growing plants, so it is sufficient to use them.

Takano: Is there any problem when you are away from home for a while, such as on a trip?

Tom: I don’t think it will be a problem if I am away for a week or so.

Takano: You mentioned that you started your company at the age of 42, but even starting from there, you can handle it professionally, right?

Tom: That’s right. I’ve only been in the business for about three years, but because I got hooked on it, I wanted to convey its appeal to many people, so I started my own company.

Takano: So you are saying that anyone can start the Staghorn.

Tom: Yes. I hope you will start the Staghorn, too.

Takano: I’m really interested in it. I think it would make a great interior decoration.

Tom: I think it is a very easy plant to grow.

Celeina: What is the price of the ones you have in your studio?

Tom:We have a variety of Staghorns, starting at about 10,000 yen, but this one is quite rare and costs about a million yen.

Celeina: Oh, my gosh .

Takano: So they cost millions of yen. I’m a beginner, so I’d like to start with a few thousand yen.

Tom: There are some that cost that much.

Takano: I will check them out later. Let me play a song here. I asked Tom to choose a song that we would all like to listen to together on the radio at this time, what kind of song would it be?

Tom: I saw the movie “THE FIRST SLAM DUNK” this past February, and I was hooked on it because of my generation. The tense game and the fast-paced rhythm of the song are very appealing. I hope you will also pay attention to the lyrics, which were inspired when I started my own business.



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