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Root beer is a beverage that shine. Japan’s only expert, Yu Takada, talks about the depth of root beer.



Making an original root beer with ingredients from Okinawa, where I am from.

Takano: Are there any particular points you focus on when making root beer?

Takada:I am from Ishigaki Island in Okinawa Prefecture, so I try to use herbs that grow in the wilds of Ishigaki Island. I use Okinawan ingredients such as pepper, which is called pipachi in Okinawa, and turmeric. Also, I am the son of a sugarcane farmer, so I use 100% sweetened sugarcane from Ishigaki Island.

Celeina:I see. It is very sweet, but has a clean aftertaste.

Takano: It’s not at all cloying.

Celeina:That’s why I want to drink one more sip. I have never had a root beer like this before.

Takada:It goes really well with junky food, like when you are eating meat.

Takano: Of course it is delicious with a meal, but it is also very satisfying to drink root beer by itself. It’s refreshing and makes me feel refreshed.

Takada:I think it tastes like a chill, relaxing drink.

Celeina:It makes you like root beer.

Takano:I think I’m going to get hooked on this one.

Takada:It’s a niche drink.

Takano:I want to follow social networking sites so that I can meet Mr. Takada.

Celeina:I want to drink more root beer where Takada-san is. I am definitely looking forward to the commercialization of this product. I would like to send you a song here, which was selected by Mr. Takada. Could you tell us why you chose the song?

Takada:This is a root beer song called “Root Beer Rag” written by Billy Joel, a famous singer, and it is from his 1974 album. Root beer has a chemical smell that works like a mouthwash and brings me back to the first sip every time. So it makes the junky stuff taste better.

Celeina: It’s like a mouthwash.

Takada:Billy Joel calls it a mouth-freshener, and he always plays it in between very famous pop songs. It’s a light piano instrumental song. Listen to it.



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