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Root beer is a beverage that shine. Japan’s only expert, Yu Takada, talks about the depth of root beer.



The reason why we started developing our own root beer is because it was not available in Tokyo

Celeina:I don’t think there are many places in Tokyo where you can drink it.

Takada: The places that sell it are mainly at Costco, Don Quijote, Cardi Coffee Farm, and other imported food stores. Or you can drink root beer if you meet me when I’m playing root beer.

Celeina: You’re selling root beer?

Takada: I’m at events in Tokyo, and they serve a lot of different kinds of root beer. I am happy to hear that many people drink root beer for the first time after meeting me.

Celeina: Do you also make your own root beer blends?

Takada:Yes. Root beer is very popular in Okinawa, so I have been drinking it since I was a child. I was a little peeved that it was not sold in Tokyo, so I thought, “If they don’t have root beer, I’ll make it! So I started making it.

Celeina:I see. Is A&W the only store that sells it in Okinawa?

Takada:Yes, A&W is a hamburger chain that originally started as a root beer stand.

Celeina: I was wondering, is there a mass-produced type of root beer, or is there a small-batch, luxury, carefully crafted genre?

Takada:There are many kinds all over the world. There are about 1,000 varieties of root beer, and while so-called colas and Dr. Pepper are also called “pepper beverages” or “craft cola beverages,” they are nothing compared to root beer. There are many types of root beer made from many different ingredients, and the definition of root beer is very broad, so it’s a very large world. Today, I brought to the studio a sample of a root beer I made that I am considering commercializing.

Takano: It means you can drink it. The bottle looks really cool.

Celeina: Fashionable!

Takada: Root beer is a drink made by boiling medicinal herbs, so our root beer comes in a so-called medicine bottle.

Takano:The brown bottle has a very cool label design.

Celeina: The lid is also designed to look like it is closed with wax.

Takano:I’d like to display it above my bookshelf at home.

Takada: Thank you very much.

Celeina:I don’t want to be rude in front of Mr. Takada, but it is said that root beer tastes like a poultice. ……

Takano:You said it (haha).

Takada:It is said to be the so-called poultice or the world’s worst carbonated beverage.

Celeina:No, no, I wouldn’t go that far (haha). But if I were to use a simple taste analogy, that’s the impression I get. (Looking at Root Beer) It’s very schwirly, isn’t it?

Takada:Root beer is made from various roots, so the bubbles are very high, but the bubbles are produced by the herbal ingredients in particular.

Celeina:The amount of foam is like a draft beer.

Takada:When you make it with craft, you can get this much foam.

Takano:It is fluffy.

Celeina:It’s like cotton candy. And it smells great.

Takano:It’s delicious! It’s refreshing.

Takada: It tastes like medicinal herbs, different from other root beers like A&W.

Celeina:That’s totally different.

Takada: The image of this root beer is that of Seirogan.

Takano:I guess you could say that, but it doesn’t taste medicinal at all.

Celeina:I have never had a root beer that tastes this good.

Takada:It has a proper taste that is different from what we call cola, and it tastes like wood.

Celeina:The taste of wood is very fitting. The bubbles are also very unique.

Takada:It’s just a splash.

Celeina: It shows such bubbles, doesn’t it?

Takada:I say it is a beverage that shows.



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