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Yuya, who works with Dr. Martens and Tenshin Nasukawa, puts his gratitude into words



A circle of friends connected by gootouchi! The “FIST BUMP” corner of the radio program “GRAND MARQUEE” features people who live and enjoy Tokyo in a relay format.

On November 8, Yuya, an event producer and casting director, was introduced by Fumitaka Takebayashi, owner of the golf select store “RUFFLOG. We asked him about his work with Dr. Martens and boxer Tenshin Nasukawa, the podcast-based media he runs, this year’s “Best Buy,” and more.

Yuya’s Trend-Setting Work

Celeina (MC): Yuya was born in 1994 and has been playing soccer for 16 years since his childhood, playing for Yokohama FC, a J-League club. As a university student, she studied marketing as an intern for a sports manufacturer, and after graduation, she took a seat in the Communications department and became a PR publicist. After leaving the company, he has been working as an event producer and casting director for private fashion brands.

Takano (MC): According to Mr. Takebayashi, “Youya is behind the trend “.

Yuya: No, no. It’s quite over the top, “Mr. Take! “(haha).

Celeina:I would like to start by asking you about your work. You have worked with companies such as Apple and Budweiser, artist BLACKPINK, and boxer Tenshin Nasukawa, among others , but first let me ask you about your work with Dr. Martens.

Yuya: I have been working with Dr. Martens for the past three years. I am directing a project called “TOKYO AWAKENS,” which picks up young Tokyo trend-setters and introduces their activities to the world. Although the members are close to each other, they are each doing various things, so I put together the project while selecting such people.

Takano: You selected 11 people, right?

Yuya: Yes, I did. In terms of the number of people, there are 11, but if you look at the Tokyo street scene, there are a number of artist crews and creative teams. We shot one short movie while weaving those things together. If you look up “TOKYO AWAKENS” and “Dr. Martens,” I think you will find what you are looking for, so please check it out.



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