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Jewelry designer Naho Okamoto was inspired to create her own brand because of her metal allergies.



Japanese Manga Culture Spread by the Corona Disaster

Celeina: I heard a rumor that Japanese manga culture is making inroads into Switzerland.

Okamoto: It’s making great inroads.

Celeina: What is it like in Switzerland?

Okamoto: It is expanding very much into German-speaking countries, or Europe, and manga culture spread especially during the Corona Disaster.

Celeina:Only manga? Is anime also quite popular?

Okamoto:It is the same with anime, but I think manga is particularly great. Before the Corona Disaster, there used to be a manga floor at the top of the bookstore, but now there is a huge area of Japanese manga on the best part of the first floor.

Takano: What kind of lineup do you have?

Okamoto: We have all kinds of manga. It’s about the same as in a Japanese bookstore, or maybe even more.

Celeina: So you have everything from the best to the latest.

Okamoto: We also have the latest works. For the classics, recently we have an art book of “Lone Wolf and Cub” in the “best of” section.

Celeina:Something like a special edition is being sold.

Takano: It makes me a little happy.

Okamoto: I think the influence of manga is great.

Celeina:And they are not sold in Japanese, but translated into German or other languages of the country, right?

Okamoto: Yes, they are. They are quite expensive, though.

Celeina: How much does a book cost?

Okamoto: I recently bought a copy of “20th Century Boys” in German for about 3,000 yen, which is like a deluxe edition that combines two books into one. I think it is quite expensive, but it seems that not only children but also adults are enjoying it.

Takano: I had no idea that Switzerland was such a place, so I was a bit surprised.

Celeina: Now, “FIST BUMP” is a project that introduces people to your circle of friends through Goo-Touch.

Okamoto:I would like to introduce Yoshiyasu Omae, a sushi chef.

Celeina:In a word, how would you describe him?

Okamoto:He is the son of a sushi chef who is well versed in various cultures.

Celeina:The son of a sushi chef.

Okamoto: I don’t feel like a craftsman. The relationship with your father, who is the general, is a bit tearful.

Takano: I would like to hear that part. Thank you very much. Tomorrow I will connect with Yoshiyasu Omae, a sushi chef.

Celeina: “FIST BUMP”, today we have the representative of the jewelry brand SIRI SIRI, and the designer Naho Okamoto. Thank you very much.


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